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Vijay Rupani unveils ‘Gujarat Solar Power Policy 2021’

On December 29, 2020, Gujarat Chief Minister (CM) Vijay Rupani unveiled the ‘Gujarat Solar Power Policy 2021’ which will be effective from 2021-2025.

Target – Gujarat has set a target to achieve 30, 000 MW through sustainable energy sources by 2022.

Solar Power Policy 2021:

i.Any individual or industry can produce solar power in their premises as per their requirements, there will be no cap on the capacity of Solar power production.

ii.Consumers can lease their roof or premises to a third party for generation & consumption of power on the same premises. They can also sell their surplus power at a tariff of INR 2.25 per unit.

iii.Any individual can set up solar projects upto 4 MW and supply entire power to DISCOMS (Distribution Companies).

iv.The policy also aims to reduce the power cost to Industry by 50% to help them compete in the Global market.

v.Group of Consumers can set up solar projects for self-consumption as a collective ownership project.

Security Deposit:

The Security Deposit to be paid by a developer to DISCOM has been reduced from INR 25 Lakh per MW to INR 5 Lakh per MW.

Incentives & Benefits:

i.Policy has announced various incentives to reduce the share of coal-based power.

ii.Solar Projects which will come up during 2021-25 will be eligible for benefits for a period of 25 years.

Gujarat’s Rooftop Solar Plants:

i.As of March, 2020, Gujarat had installed around 50, 915 subsidised rooftop solar plants in the residential segment, it is the highest in India.

ii.The success of Gujarat’s policy is due to incentivisation of rooftop installations.

Renewable Power Generation Capacity of Gujarat:

i.According to data released by Central Electricity Authority (CEA), Gujarat at 11, 826.48 MW has the 3rd highest renewable power generation capacity in India.

Recent Related News:

i.March 10, 2020, Gujarat ranks first in the list for domestic solar rooftop installations, throughout the country with 64 % of domestic solar installations.

ii.September 18, 2020, To encourage the use of electric vehicles to prevent air pollution Chief Minister Vijay Rupani announced subsidy schemes for electric two-wheelers and e-rickshaws.

About Gujarat:
RAMSAR site – Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary
Lakes –  Hamirsar Lake, Kankaria Lake, Lakhota Lake

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