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World Ocean Day June 8th

World Ocean Day is celebrated on 8th of June every year ever since it was proposed by Canada in 1992 at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It was recognised by UN in 2008, In order to make people aware of the fact that our planet Earth is surrounded by 71% of water, the effort has been taken to celebrate this day on June 8th as the world ocean day.

This year in 2015, the theme is ”Heathy oceans, healthy planet”. The main objective of this theme is the pollution created by plastics dumping that is creating problems to the marine environment.

Ocean is the heart of our planet Earth–

Where ever we are oceans connect people across the Earth just like the heart pumping blood to all parts of our body. The oceans apart from being climate regulators, feed millions of people , produces oxygen and is home to large number of wildlife. To ensure health and safety of our communities and future generations,caring for the oceans is very needed. A clean and productive ocean is needed for healthy lives, so maintaining the purity of ocean is important.

Some facts regarding World Ocean Day–

  • World Ocean Day was first proposed by Canada 23 years ago but June 8th was declared officially World Ocean day in 2009.
  • Many events like beach cleaning,art contests, education programs, film festivals etc performed on that day mainly to show the importance of the day and to create awareness to the people .
  • Ocean project in partnership with World Ocean Network has been promoting this World Ocean Day since 2003 and has a network of over 1600 ocean conservative organisations.
  • Street View imagery of 40 water locations around the world’s has been put up by Google .

Purpose of celebrating World Ocean Day

  • That oceans play important part in our daily lives like supplying the essential oxygen needed for breathing.
  • Informing the people on the consequences of of human actions on the Ocean
  • Developing world wide movement of citizen towards Ocean.
  • To celebrate beauty, wealth and the promise of Ocean.

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