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Tips to score well for English Section for Exams

Time Management

While writing the exam, it’s better to attempt General Awareness section first and then the English section. Aim to finish both the sections within 20-25 minutes.

Reading Comprehension

  • You may skip the Reading Comprehension question if you are unable to manage time and finish the section within first 25 minutes.
  • However, never skip the comprehension as a whole. Read the questions and try to locate the question sentence in the passage. Some questions will be easy to answer.
  • Synonyms and Antonyms can be answered easily if you are familiar with many English words. Try to study as many English words as possible.
  • Read English newspaper daily. That will improve reading and comprehending capability.
  • While reading newspapers, English novels, note down the unfamiliar words you come across and study the meanings for the same.
  • Comprehend the question before attempting to answer. The answers will not be in a format of copy-paste from the passage. Read carefully and understand. Then only you will be able to answer accurately.

Error Spotting

For solving the error spotting questions, be thorough with the English Grammar. Check for Subject-Verb agreement first. For 80% of questions, error will be in subject-verb agreement. If there is no error there, check for preposition. Subject – Tense agreement is the other common error in questions.

Para Jumbles     

Identify the first and last sentences first. That is the key to solving Para Jumbles (Sentence rearrangement question).

Cloze Test      

Study as many English words as you can. Your power of vocabulary helps a lot in answering the cloze test accurately.

Grammatical Correction of Sentences

Check for subject- verb and subject-tense agreement.

Improving Vocabulary

Study 10 new English words daily. Meaning and example sentences for the words should be noted. Read English newspaper daily. Read English novels and magazines. Note down the unfamiliar words you come across and study their meanings.

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