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Tips and Tricks for Reading Comprehension

Hello Aspirants, In all of your exams, 10-12 questions come from the topic Reading comprehension in English here we are providing you some tips & tricks to easily approach reading comprehension.

Reading comprehension (RC) is among the highest section of Banking/Competitive examinations. So what makes it the most favored section in English:

  • Its asked in every paper
  • You don’t need prior knowledge to solve RC questions.
  • It takes time to solve but there is a 80-90% accuracy.
  • Due to its high accuracy and repetition, it acts as a game changer in clearing sectional cut off in english section of IBPS PO/Clerk Exam.

We have prepared a list of few tips and strategies which can be applied to solve reading comprehension questions quickly with high accuracy in your upcoming IBPS PO/Clerk exam.

1. If you have to clear english sectional cutoff without breaking a sweat, attempt all RC questions.
2. However if you less time left and there are more than one Reading Comprehension questions, pick the one based on the following preferences :
a) Which one is smaller : less number of words.
b) Which one is based on a topic of your understanding: If you are a economics graduate,  it makes sense to go for topics related to economy, finance etc and to avoid topics related   to engineering or quantum mechanics. Same applies for graduates from any field. Choose  the topic related to your field of interest.)
c) What is the tone of the author: formal or informal. Identify what the author wants to   convey and can you relate yourself to it.
3. Once you are done selecting the passage, have a quick glance on its content. Don’t read just observe it like a image.
4. Now read the question. Since you had a glance, you will realize that you can quickly discover the answer to the question in the passage.
5. Remember questions and information in the passage is linked. This means first question will have relevance in the first paragraph and so on.
6. For finding the gist (main idea) of passage, read the first and last paragraph of the passage.
7. For answering vocabulary questions of RC, just read the sentence the word is present in and without looking over at the options, think about the context that word is used in. Then check the options and the nearest assumption is your answer.
8. Never use past knowledge about the topic to answer any questions.
9. Improve your reading speed. Read articles in newspaper Novels etc.
10. Avoid extreme answers.

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