Sitting Arrangement (Part 2)

Hi Friends. In Sitting Arrangement (Part 1), we solved some simple problems. Here we will try to solve some tough problems.

Problem 1

Eight Friends, A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H are sitting around a circular table facing center but not in same order.

1) Three people are sitting between A and D.

2) B is sitting second to the right of F.

3) D is not an immediate neighbour of either F or E.

4) H is not an immediate neighbour of B.

5) F and C are sitting opposite to each other.

6) G is not an immediate neighbour of E


In some questions, there will be more than one possibility for a particular place. In those cases either cannot be determined will be the answer or it may be based on the given options.

It’s not a tough one. :-)

Ram and five of his friends went to a park and they started playing six-seater merry-go-round. It rotates in clockwise direction. Each seat is designed with different animals. Each child wears a hat of different colour. Find the position of each child, the animal they ride and the colour of their hat.

Note: Merry-go-round turns clockwise. Seat no 1 is in front of Seat no 6. Seat no 2 is in front of Seat no 1… etc.


1) Ram sat in seat 1.

2) Raju rode the horse (which is not seat 2)

3) Arun sat right behind the Rhinoceros

4) Sindhuja sat in seat 5 and she is not a girl who is wearing purple hat.

5) The child riding the alligator was not wearing a yellow hat.

6) Soumya and the child in front of her were in some order, the child with red hat and the child riding the tiger.

7) The boy on the elephant wore a green hat

8) The child riding Hippopotamus was not wearing an Orange or Yellow hat

9) Manoj (who was directly opposite to Arun) was just behind the child with the blue hat.

Before start drawing, we need to categorize the names, animals and colours.

Names are Arun, Ram, Raju, Manoj, Soumya, Sindhuja.

Colours are Orange, Red, Yellow, Purple, Green, Blue.

Animals are Tiger, Horse, Rhino, Hippo, Alligator, Elephant.

Ram is Seat 1 and Sindhuja in Seat 5 (From clues 1 and 4). We mark it.

From Clue 9 – Manoj sits opposite to Arun. (The only available opposite seats are 3 and 6). We mark that too.

According to Clue 2, Raju rode Horse, which is not Seat 2. The only choice is Seat 4.

Clue -3 states Arun sat behind the Rhinoceros. So Seat 3 is for Manoj and Seat 6 is for Arun. Also Seat 1 – Rhino.

From Clue 6 we can mark Red hat for Manoj and Tiger in Seat 2.

From Clue 9 we can mark Blue for Raju.

The only Boy without an animal and Hat is Arun. So He is in Elephant seat and wears Green hat.

The remaining animals are Hippo and Alligator. Remaining colours are Purple, Yellow, Orange.

Sindhuja will either wear Yellow or Orange. She is not wearing Purple hat (Clue 4).

From clue 8, we can say Manoj is riding Hippo and Sindhuja is riding Alligator.

Now we placed all names on seats and also the animals. The only thing remaining is marking the colours of the hat.

Sindhuja is not a girl who is wearing Purple hat. It means there is some other girl who wears Purple hat. The only option is Soumya.

Girl in Alligator is not wearing Yellow. So Alligator and Orange matches. Yellow goes to Ram.

The problem is done. It’s easy only. I just expanded for your understanding.

Hello Friends.. I hope I explained the above problem in a clear manner. If you can understand this problem, you can solve any kind of problem in seating arrangement. In exam problems will be much easier than this. Solve the same above problem twice or thrice and you guys can clearly understand how to eliminate and how to mark. Practice more problems.

Good Luck with your exams

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