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SBI PO 2018 Interview Experience by Vivek Kumar

Hi all ! I am Vivek Kumar. Am here to share my SBI PO GD/PI experience.

Venue:- LHO Chandigarh
Date & Time:- 25/09/2018, 8:30 am
panel :- 2

GD topic:- Social media boon or a bane  (open GD) 25 minutes
GE:- Steps to ensure women safety (20 minutes)
1. Install CCTV cameras
2. Deploy more police forces
3. Harder laws
4. Educate people to respect women
5. Change the social attitude of people
6. Self-defense training
7. Teach moral values to youngsters
Forgot the 8th point.

Panel members( Chairman(male),  3 Male, 1 lady )

Me- May I come in.
Chairman- Yes come in Vivek.

Chairman – So, Vivek you completed your graduation in 2018.
Me- No sir in 2017, actually degree comes after 1 year.

Chairman- So you heard about financial inclusion. what is it?
Me- Extending benefits of government to the needy. Extending banking facilities to the unbanked people.

Chairman- What is the benefit to the bank?
me- Sir revenue increases, customer base increases.

Chairman- How did revenue increase?
me- Sir more bank accounts more transactions more money with the bank. We can extend the loan to more number of people we get more interest from it. We can sell insurance products to more number of people. So the revenue increased. ( He said very good )

M1- What are the qualities that you have?
me- As a son of army personnel I am punctual and well disciplined. I am the captain of my school so I learn management and how to be a team leader from there and by participating in team events during my school and college. I learned that how to be a better team person. Sir these are also the most important qualities a banker should possess. ( seems satisfied )

M2- What is management according to you in banks?
me- Sir managing resources of the banks so that we can enhance the values, we can achieve the mission of banks.

M2- What according to you is the major resource for a bank.
me- Staff, its customer and its money is the major resource. ( He said good.)

M3- Why only 26th Jan is selected for republic day.  why not any other day.
me- I was blank for few moments than I said sir I don’t know the exact answer but I have an idea that constitution was completed 2 months before so in the legal process of adoption it took 2 months. ( he corrected me by saying something related to swaraj movement 1930 I didn’t remember clearly)
Then comes the women in the panel my friends told me that it is difficult to impress her. (F1)

F1- Suppose you are the manager of the SBI how do you think a quality of a manager should possess and how you can use your qualities there.
Me- I said mam it is the mission of SBI to provide .simple, responsive and innovative financial solutions.
(she interrupted in between please answer in short).
Me- The manager should have following qualities like communication skill, honesty, punctual, disciplined, lenient.
then she said I am looking for a particular word just say it.
Me- mam manager should be responsible, he should distribute banking products in an easy way, he should be target oriented( when I said target oriented she said yes I am looking for that word thankyou) everyone starts laughing.

M2- So your father was retired army personnel why didn’t you tried in defense.
Me- sir I have give 3 SSB’s after my +2 but unable to clear than after graduation I did give CDS, AFCAT but unable to clear the SSB’s every time. Then I searched for another option to be in a government sector and found the banking sector to be of my interest.

Chairman- Why only banking than?
me- Sir there are basically two reasons for that 1st one is its fast and transparent recruitment process, and sir from the rural background I know that how banks help us in our agriculture activities, and if get a chance to work in this sector I would love to do.

M2- So are you ready to work anywhere?
Me- yes sir even in Kerala(everyone smiled a little bit).

They said thank you Vivek wish you all the best.

That was all about my interview some conversations were in Hindi as they asked me in Hindi.
From my side it was a beautiful experience Panel was cooperative.
Rest depends on the result. Hope for the best.

All the best to everyone who have their interview on coming days.

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