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Reasoning Analogy – Solved Examples

In SSC exams, one of the important topics in Reasoning is Analogy. Here you can check some of the solved examples.

First two words are interrelated similary the third and fourth fourth words are interelated. You have to identofy the fourth word with help of first and second words.


  1. Sapphire: Blue : : Ruby: ?
    a) black
    b) yellow
    c) red
    d) green
    e) None of these
    Answer – c) red
    Explanation :
    Sapphire is blue in colour while ruby is red in colour.
  2. Company: Logo :: Country :?
    a) Anthem
    b) Emblem
    c) flag
    d) President
    e) None of these
    Answer – c) flag
    Explanation :
    As every company has unique logo similarly every country has unique flag
  3. Duck: cricket :: dunk: ?
    a) Volleyball
    b) basketball
    c) snooker
    d) Rugby
    e) None of these
    Answer – b) basketball
    Explanation :
    Dunk is term associated from basketball
  4. Den: lion :: stable: ?
    a) Cat
    b) Dog
    c) Horse
    d) Cow
    e) None of these
    Answer – c) Horse
    Explanation :
    Lion lives in den similarly Horse lives in Stable
  5. Carbon dioxide : Extinguish :: Oxygen: ?
    a) Burn
    b) Isolate
    c) Foam
    d) Explode
    e) None of these
    Answer – a) Burn
    Explanation :
    Oxygen supports Burning similarly Carbon dioxide helps in extinguishing.

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