Important Insurance Abbreviations PDF

Abbreviations are commonly asked in IBPS and other banking exams.We provided some important abbreviation related to Insurance.We hope,it may help you in Competitive exams!!

AAA American Academy Of Actuaries.
AACI          American Association Of Crops Insurers.
AADC American Association Of Dental Consultants.
AAI Accredited Adviser In Insurance
AAIM American Academy Of Insurance Medicine.
AAIMC American Association Of Insurance Management Consultants.
AAIS American Association Of Insurance Services.
AALTCI American Association For Long Term Care Insurance.
AALU Association For Advanced Life Underwriting.
AAM Associate In Automation Management.
AAMGA American Association Of Managing General Agents.
AAPL American Association Of Petroleum Landmen.
AAPMR American Academy Of Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation.
AASCIF American Association Of State Compensation Insurance Funds.
ABA American Bar Association, American Bankers Association.
ABIH American Board Of Industrial Hygienists.
ABIME American Board Of Independent Medical Examiners.
ABS American Bureau Of Shipping.
ACA Association Of Corporate Counsel.
ACAS Associate Of The Casualty Actuarial Society.
ACC Anti-Concurrent Cause.
ACCA American Corporate Counsel Association.
ACCI American Corporate Counsel Institute.
ACEC American Consulting Engineers Council.
ACII Associateship Of The Chartered Insurance Institute.
ACLA Automobile Claim Law Associate.
ACLI American Council Of Life Insurers.
ACLS Automobile Claim Law Specialist.
ACLU American College Of Life Underwriters.
ACM Asbestos-Containing Material.
ACORD Association For Cooperative Operations Research And Development.
ACSC Association Of Casualty & Surety Companies.
ACSR Accredited Customer Service Representative.
ACT Agents Council For Technology.
ACV Actual Cash Value.
ACWRRE American Cargo War Risk Reinsurance Exchange.
ADA Americans With Disabilities Act Of 1990.
ADAAA ADA Amendments Act Of 2008.
ADB Accidental Death Benefit.
AD&D Accidental Death And Dismemberment.
ADEA Age Discrimination In Employment Act Of 1967.
ADR Alternative Dispute Resolution.
AEIA American Excess Insurance Association.
AFIA American Foreign Insurance Association.
AFIS Agribusiness And Farm Insurance Specialist.
AFSB Associate In Fidelity And Surety Bonding.
AGC Associated General Contractors Of America.
AGRP Association Of Governmental Risk Pools.
A&H Accident And Health (Insurance).
AHAS Advocates For Highway And Auto Safety.
AHERA Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act Of 1986.
AHIA Association Of Health Insurance Advisors.
AHIP America’s Health Insurance Plans.
AHIS American Hull Insurance Syndicate.
AIA Aviation Insurance Association.
AIAB Alliance Of Insurance Agents And Brokers.
AIAF Associate In Insurance Accounting And Finance.
AIBM Automobile Insurers Bureau Of Massachusetts.
AIC Associate In Claims.
AICP Association Of Insurance Compliance Professionals.
AICPA American Institute Of Certified Public Accountants.
AICPCU American Institute For Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters .
AIHA American Industrial Hygiene Association.
AIM Associate In Management.
AIMA As Interest May Appear.
AIME Average Indexed Monthly Earnings.
AIMU American Institute Of Marine Underwriters.
AIP Annual Implementation Plan.
AIPSO Automobile Insurance Plans Service Office.
AIRAC All Industry Research Advisory Council.
AIRB Aviation Insurance Rating Bureau.
AIRMIC Association Of Insurance And Risk Managers.
AISG American Insurance Services Group, Inc.
AIT Associate In Information Technology.
AL Automobile Liability.
ALAE Allocated Loss Adjustment Expense.
ALC American Life Convention.
ALCM Associate In Loss Control Management.
ALE Additional Living Expense.
ALHA Association Of Life And Health Administrators.
ALIMDA Association Of Life Insurance Medical Directors Of America.
ALM Association Of Lloyd’s Members.
ALOP Advance Loss Of Profit .
ALOS Average Length Of Stay.
ALTA American Land Title Association.
AMA American Medical Association.
AMBAC American Municipal Bond Assurance Corp.
AMEMIC Association Of Mill & Elevator Mutual Insurance Companies.
AMIC American Marine Insurance Clearinghouse.
AMIF American Marine Insurance Forum.
AMIM Associate In Marine Insurance Management.
AMW Average Monthly Wage.
ANI American Nuclear Insurers.
ANL Above Normal Loss.
ANSI American National Standards Institute
AOP All Other Perils.
AP Additional Premium.
APA Associate In Premium Auditing.
API Associate In Personal Insurance.
APIW Association Of Professional Insurance Women.
AR  Accounts Receivable.
ARCO Associated Reporting Companies.
ARE Associate In Reinsurance.
ARIA American Risk And Insurance Association.
ARM Associate In Risk Management.
ARM–P Associate In Risk Management For Public Entities.
ARO Asset Retirement Obligation.
ARP Associate In Research And Planning.
ARPI Australian Risk Policy Institute.
ARS Auction Rate Security.
ART  Annual Renewable Term.
ASA  Associate In Society Of Actuaries.
ASC Associated Specialty Contractors.
ASCLU American Society Of Chartered Life Underwriters.
ASCN Applied Systems Client Network.
ASHRM American Society For Healthcare Risk Management.
ASIM American Society Of Insurance Management.
ASIS American Society Of Industrial Security.
ASLI Associate In Surplus Lines Insurance.
ASM Available Seat Miles.
ASME American Society Of Mechanical Engineers.
ASO Administrative Services Only.
ASOP Actuarial Statement Of Practice.
ASPPA American Society Of Pension Professionals & Actuaries .
ASSE American Society Of Safety Engineers.
ASTM American Society For Testing And Materials
ATA American Trucking Associations, Inc.
ATIMA As Their Interests May Appear
ATLA Association Of Trial Lawyers Of America.
ATRA American Tort Reform Association.
AU Associate In Underwriting.
AWCBC Association Of Workers’ Compensation Boards Of Canada.
AWW Average Weekly Wage.
BACM Best Available Control Measures.
BAP Business Auto Policy.
BAPCPA Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention And Consumer Protection Act Of 2005.
BBB Banker’s Blanket Bond.
B&C Building And Contents.
BCAR Best’s Capital Adequacy Ratio.
BCBSA Blue Cross And Blue Shield Association.
BCE Bermuda Commodities Exchange.
BCEGS Building Codes Effectiveness Grading Schedule.
BCM Business Continuity Management.
BCP Business Continuity Plan.
BCSP Board Of Certified Safety Professionals.
BDAT Best Demonstrated Available Technology.
BELRIM Belgian Risk Management Association.
BERP Basic Extended Reporting Period.
BFCGL Broad Form Comprehensive General Liability .
BFPD Broad Form Property Damage.
BI Bodily InjuryBusiness Interruption.
BIC Business Income Coverage.
BIM Building Information Modeling.
BM Boiler And Machinery.
B&M Boiler And Machinery.
BOP Businessowners Policy.
BOW Breach Of Warranty.
BPB Blanket Position Bond.
BPF Basic Premium Factor.
BPL Bankers Professional Liability.
BPLI Bankers Professional Liability Insurance.
BPT Branch Profits Tax.
BR Builders Risk.
BRAC Base Realignment And Closure Act.
BTR Below-Target Risk.
BV Brick Veneer .
CAC Combined Additional Coverage.
CAE Chief Audit Executive.
CAGR Compounded Annual Growth Rate.
CAL Comprehensive Automobile Liability.
C AND F Cost And Freight.
CAPA Certified Automotive Parts Association.
CAPEX Capital Expenditures.
CAPM Capital Asset Pricing Model.
CAPP Conference Of Actuaries In Public Practice.
CAR Contractors All Risks.
CARE Concerned Alliance Of Responsible Employers.
CARF Commission On Accreditation Of Rehabilitation Facilities.
CARFM Coalition Of Alternative Risk Funding Mechanisms.
CARFRA Coordinated Advertising, Rate And Form Review Authority.
CAS Casualty Actuarial Society.
CBMU Canadian Board Of Marine Underwriters.
CBOT Chicago Board Of Trade.
CBRA Coastal Barrier Resources Act Of 1982.
CBRS Coastal Barrier Resources System.
CCIA Consumer Credit Insurance Association.
CCIP Contractor Controlled Insurance Program.
CCIR Canadian Council Of Insurance Regulators.
CCLA Casualty Claim Law Associate..
CCLS Casualty Claim Law Specialist
CD Certificate Of Deposit.
CDS Credit Default Swap.
CDW Collision Damage Waiver.
CEB Council Of Employer Benefits.
CEBS Certified Employee Benefits Specialist.
CEL Contractors Environmental Liability.
CEN Confiscation, Expropriation, Nationalization .
CEND Confiscation, Expropriation, Nationalization, And Deprivation.
CEPT Credit Equivalent Bypass Trust.
CERCLA Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, And Liability Act Of 1980.
CF Contract Frustration.
C&F Cost And Freight.
CFA Chartered Financial Analyst.
CFC Chartered Financial Consultant; Controlled Foreign Corporation.
CFMA Construction Financial Management Association.
CFP Certified Financial Planner; Coordinated Financial Planning.
CFROI Cash Flow Return On Investments.
CFTC Commodities And Futures Trading Commission.
CFU Customary Freight Unit.
CGL Commercial General Liability .
CHCM Certified Hazard Control Manager.
CHIAA Crop Hail Insurance Actuarial Association.
CIA Canadian Institute Of Actuaries.
CIAA Canadian Independent Adjusters Association.
CIAB Council Of Insurance Agents And Brokers.
CIC Certified Insurance Counselor.
CICA Captive Insurance Companies Association.
CIF Cost, Insurance, And Freight.
CIH Certified Industrial Hygienist; Compensated Intercorporate Hauling.
CII Chartered Insurance Institute.
CIM Commercial Inland Marine.
CIP Consolidated Insurance ProgramControlled Insurance Program.
CIPO Controlled Insurance Program For Operations.
CIRB Crop Insurance Research Bureau.
CISR Certified Insurance Service Representative.
CIT Critical Incident Technique.
CL Claims Leakage.
CLHIA Canadian Life & Health Insurance Association.
CLIEDIS Canadian Life Insurance Edi Standards Association.
CLM Commercial Lines Manual.
CLU Chartered Life Underwriter.
CM Construction Management; Construction Manager.
CMAA Construction Management Association Of America.
CMP Commercial Multiple Peril; Controlled Master Program.
CMT Crisis Management Team.
CNHI Committee For National Health Insurance.
CNP Cotton Named Perils (Insurance).
C/O Completed Operations.
COAA Construction Owners Association Of America.
COB Coordination Of Benefits.
COBRA Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act Of 1985.
COC Course Of Construction.
COGSA Carriage Of Goods By Sea Act Of 1936.
COGWA Carriage Of Goods By Water Act Of 1993.
COI Certificate Of Insurance.
COIL Conference Of Insurance Legislators.
COLA Cost Of Living Adjustment.
COO Chief Operating Officer.
COP Commercial Output Policy.
COPE Construction, Occupancy, Protection, Exposure.
COPPA Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act Of 1998.
COR Cost Of Risk.
COSO Committee Of Sponsoring Organizations.
CP Commercial Property .
CPA Certified Public Accountant; Consumer Protection Act.
CPCU Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter.
CPE Certified Professional Engineer.
CPI Consumer Price Index.
CPIW Certified Professional Insurance Woman.
CPL Comprehensive Personal Liability.
CPM Critical Path Method
CPP Certified Protection Professional.
CPPA Cable Communications Policy Act Of 1984
CPPL Care Providers Professional Liability.
CPRL Contractors Professional Liability.
CPSA Consumer Product Safety Act Of 1972.
CPSC Consumer Product Safety Commission.
CPSM Certified Product Safety Manager.
CPU Central Processing Unit.
CPWR Center To Protect Workers’ Rights.
CQE Certified Quality Engineer.
CR Commercial Crime.
CRA Cargo Reinsurance Association.
CRE Certified Reliability Engineer.
CRIS Construction Risk And Insurance Specialist.
CRM Canadian Risk Management.
CRO Chief Risk Officer.
CRS Community Rating System.
C&S Capital And Surplus.
CSC Construction Safety Council.
CSIO Centre For Study Of Insurance Operations.
CSL Combined Single Lim.It.
CSO Claim Services Only
CSO TABLE Commissioners Standard Ordinary Table.
CSP Commercial Statistical Plan.
CSR Customer Service Representative.
CTD Cumulative Trauma Disorder.
CTG Control Technique Guidelines.
CURT Construction Users Roundtable.
CV Cash Value.
CVA Captive Value Added.
CVIF Compound Value Interest Factor.
CWCI California Workers’ Compensation Institute.
CWR Countrywide Rate Pages.
DAC Deferred Acquisition Cost.
DAP Deposit Administration Plan.
D&B Dun & Bradstreet.
D/B/A Doing Business As.
DB&C Dwelling, Building And Contents.
DBIA Design- Build Institute Of America
DCC Domestic Cell Captive.
DCF Discounted Cash Flow.
DCIP Developer Controlled Insurance Program.
DDD Dishonesty, Disappearance, And Destruction.
DDL Disclosure Dollar Loss.
DDP Distributed Data Processing.
DEC Declarations Page.
DED Deductible.
DEFS Direct Applied Exterior Finish System.
DEP Direct Earned Premium.
DFA Dynamic Financial Analysis.
DFIRM Digital Flood Insurance Rate Map.
DI Disability IncomeDouble Indemnity.
DIC Difference-In-Conditions.
DICGC Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation of India.
DIL Difference-In-Limits.
DITC Disability Insurance Training Council.
DJIA Dow Jones Industrial Average.
DMA Direct Marketing Association.
DMIC Direct Marketing Insurance Council.
DNI Distributable Net Income.
D&O Directors And Officers (Liability Insurance).
DOB Date Of Birth.
DOC Drive Other Car Coverage.
DOD Date Of Death.
DOHSA Death On The High Seas Act Of 1920.
DOJ Department Of Justice.
DOL Department Of Labor.
DOS Denial Of Service.
DOT Department Of Transportation.
DPP Deferred Premium Payment Plan.
DPPA Driver’s Privacy Protection Act Of 1994.
DQO Data Quality Objective.
DR Daily Report.
DRE Destruction And Removal Efficiency.
DRG Diagnostic Related Group.
DRI Defense Research Institute.
DSU Delay In Start-Up.
DTI Department Of Trade And Industry.
EA Enrolled Actuary.
EAB Experience Account Balance.
EAP Employee Assistance ProgramEstimated Annual Premium.
EAR Erection All Risks.
EBIDDA Earnings Before Interest, Dividends, Depreciation, And Amortization.
EBIT Earnings Before Interest And Taxes.
EBITDA Earnings Before Interest,Taxes,Depreciation And Amortization.
EBRI Employee Benefit Research Institute.
EC Extended Coverage.
ECC Eastern Claims Conference.
ECF Extended Care Facility.
ECFC Employers Council On Flexible Compensation.
ECI Export Credit Insurance.
ECO  Extra Contractual Obligations.
ECOR Economic Cost Of  Run.
ECP Exempt Commercial Policyholder.
ECPA Electronic Communications Privacy Act Of 1986.
EDD Enforcement Decision Document.
EDI Export Development Corporation.
EDP Extended Discovery Period/Provision.
EEL Emergency Exposure Limits.
EEOC Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
EIFS Exterior Insulation And Finish Systems.
EIL Environmental Impairment Liability.
EIS Environmental Impact Statement.
EJCDC Engineers Joint Contracts Documents Committee.
EL Employers Liability; Expected Loss.
ELL Educators Legal Liability.
ELP Excess Loss Premium .
ELR Expected Loss Rate.
EMAP Environmental Monitoring And Assistance Program.
EMT Emergency Medical Technician.
ENCP Erisa Non Compliance Program.
E&O Errors And Omissions.
EP Earned Premium.
EPA Environmental Protection Agency.
EPC Engineering/Procurement Construction.
EPD Expected Policyholder Deficit.
EPL Employment Practices Liability.
EPLI Employment Practices Liability Insurance.
EPS Earnings Per Share.
ERD Expected Reinsurer Deficit.
ERIC Erisa Industry Committee.
ERISA Employee Retirement Income Security Act Of 1974.
ERM Enterprise Risk Management.
ERP Extended Reporting Period.
ERPL Employment-Related Practices Liability.
ERSC Environmental Response Services Contractor.
E&S Excess And Surplus.
ESA Employee Spending Account.
ESI Electronically Stored Information.
ESOP Employee Stock Ownership Plan.
ESOT Employee Stock Ownership Trust.
ETB Engaged In Trade Or Business.
EUO Examination Under Oath.
EXPRO Expedited Process
FAA Federal Arbitration Act.
FAC Facultative Reinsurance.
FACTA Fair And Accurate Credit Transactions Act Of 2003.
FAIA Florida Association Of Insurance Agents.
FAIR Fair Access To Insurance Requirements.
FALU Fellow Of The Academy Of Life Underwriting.
FAP Family Automobile Policy.
FAR Federal Aviation Regulations.
FAS Free Along Side.
FASB Financial Accounting Standards Board.
FATA Financial Anti-Terrorism Act (Patriot Act) Of 2001.
FATCA Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (Fatca).
F&C Fire And Casualty.
FCAS Fellow Of The Casualty Actuarial Society.
FCC Federal Communications Commission.
FCE Functional Capacity Evaluation.
FCIC Federal Crop Insurance Corporation.
FCII Fellowship Of The Chartered Insurance Institute.
FCLA Fraud Claim Law Associate.
FCLS Fraud Claim Law Specialist.
FCPA Federal Corrupt Practices Act Of 1910.
FCPA Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Of 1977.
FCPL Farmers Comprehensive Personal Liability.
FCRA Fair Credit Reporting Act Of 1970.
FC&S Free Of Capture And Seizure.
FDIC Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.
FDPA Flood Disaster Protection Act Of 1973.
FECA Federal Employees’ Compensation Act Of 1916.
FEGLI Federal Employees Group Life Insurance.
FELA Federal Employers Liability Act Of 1908.
FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency.
FERMA Federation Of European Risk Management Associations.
FET Federal Excise Tax.
FHBM Flood Hazard Boundary Map.
FHWA Federal Highway Administration
FIA Federal Insurance Administration.
FIC Fraternal Insurance Counselor.
FICA Federal Insurance Contribution Act Of 1935.
FICC Federation Of Insurance And Corporate Counsel
FIIC Fellow Of The Insurance Institute Of Canada.
FIO Federal Insurance Office.
FIRM Flood Insurance Rate Map.
FIRREA Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery, And Enforcement Act Of 1989.
FLMI Fellow Of The Life Management Institute.
FLSA Fair Labor Standards Act Of 1938.
FM Factory Mutual.
FMCSA Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.
FMCSR Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.
FMHSA Federal Mine Health And Safety Act Of 1969.
FMLA Family And Medical Leave Act Of 1993.
FMV Fair Market Value.
FNMA Federal National Mortgage Association.
FOB Free On Board.
FOC Fire Office Committee Forms.
FOSFI Federal Office Of The Superintendent Of Financial Institutions.
FPA Free Of Particular Average.
FPAAC Free Of Particular Average.
FPEB Fire Prevention And Engineering Bureau.
FRM Fellow In Risk Management
FRV Fair Rental Value.
FSA  Flexible Spending Account.
FSLIC Federal Savings And Loan Insurance Corporation
FTC Federal Trade Commission.
FTCAC Fire, Theft, And Combined Additional Coverage.
FVD Full Value Declared.
FVWC Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation.
GA General Agent.
GAAP Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.
GAAS Generally Accepted Auditing Standards.
GAB General Adjustment Bureau
GAMA General Agents And Managers Association.
GAMC General Agents And Managers Conference.
GAO Government Accountability Office.
GAP Guaranteed Auto Protection.
GASB Governmental Accounting Standards Board.
GC Guaranteed Cost.
GCCI Guy Carpenter Catastrophe Index.
GCD Guaranteed Cost Discount.
GCW Gross Combination Weight.
GDP Gross Domestic Product.
GFCI Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter.
GHAA Group Health Association Of America.
GIC Guaranteed Investment Contract.
GINA Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act Of 2008.
GIO Guaranteed Insurability Option.
GKLL Garage Keepers Legal Liability.
GL General Liability.
GLB Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act Of 1999.
GNEPI Gross/Net Earned Premium  Income.
GNMA Government National Mortgage Association.
GNPI Gross/Net Premium Income.
GPO Government Printing Office.
GULP Group Universal Life Program.
GWP Gross Written Premium.
HB House Bill.
HCQIA Health Care Quality Improvement Act Of 1986.
HFIE Huebner Foundation For Insurance Education.
HHG Household Goods.
HI Health Insurance.
HIAA Health Insurance Association Of America.
HII Health Insurance Institute.
HIPAA Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act Of 1986.
HLDI Highway Loss Data Institute.
HLV Human Life Value.
HMO Health Maintenance Organization.
HOLUA Home Office Life Underwriters Association.
HPL Hospital Professional Liability.
HPR Highly Protected Risk.
HR Human Resources.
HRS Hazardous Ranking System.
HSA Health System Agency.
HSP Healthcare Safety Professional.
IAC Industrial Accident Commission.
IAHU International Association Of Health Underwriters.
IAIABC International Association Of Industrial Accident Boards & Commissions.
IAIS International Association Of Insurance Supervisors.
IAOC Insurers’ Advisory Organization Of Canada.
IASA Insurance Accounting And Systems Association, Inc.
IBAC Insurance Brokers Association Of Canada.
IBANS Insurance Brokers Association Of Nova Scotia.
IBC Insurance Bureau Of Canada.
IBNER Incurred But Not Enough Reserved.
IBNR Incured But Not Reported.
IBT Income Before Taxes.
ICA International Claim Association; Insurance Consortium Of America.
ICAC Insurance Committee For Arson Control.
ICC Interstate Commerce Commission.
ICEDS Insurance Company Education Directors Society.
ICIA International Credit Insurance Association.
ICISA International Credit Insurance & Surety Association.
ICP Insurance Conference Planners.
ICPA Insurance Conference Planners Association.
ICPI Insurance Crime Prevention Institute.
ICSID International Center For The Settlement Of Investment Disputes.
IDBI Industrial Development Bond Insurance.
IDI Inherent Defects Insurance.
IDL Independent Director Liability.
IDLH Immediately Dangerous To Life And Health.
IDM Integrated Disability Management.
IDMA Insurance Data Management Association.
IEA Insurance Educational Association.
IFC Insured Fixed-Price Cleanup.
IFCA Insurance Fair Conduct Act.
IFEBP International Foundation Of Employee Benefit Plans.
IFSC International Financial Services Centre.
IFSRA Irish Financial Services Regulatory Authority.
IFTA International Fuel Tax Agreement.
IGF Insurance Guaranteed Financing.
IHOU Institute Of Home Office Underwriters.
IIA Insurance Institute Of America, Inc.
IIAA Independent Insurance Agents Of America, Inc.
IIABA Independent Insurance Agents And Brokers Of America, Inc.
IIAC International Insurance Advisory Council.
IIAT Independent Insurance Agents Of Texas.
IIC Insurance Institute Of Canada.
IICAE Insurance Industry Consumer Affairs Exchange.
IIE Illinois Insurance Exchange.
IIED Intentional Infliction Of Emotional Distress.
IIHS Insurance Institute For Highway Safety.
III Insurance Information Institute.
IILA International Institute Of Loss Adjusters.
IIMA Insurance Industry Meetings Association.
IIS International Insurance Seminars, Inc.
IJA Interjurisdictional Agreement On Workers Compensation.
IL Interline .
ILAB Insurance Library Association Of Boston.
ILCA Insurance Loss Control Association.
ILF Increased Limits Factor.
ILOC Irrevocable Letter Of Credit.
ILU Institute Of London Underwriters.
IMCA Insurance Marketing Communications Association.
IMUA Inland Marine Underwriters Association.
IOS International Organization For Standardization.
IPA Independent Practice Association.
IPAC Insurance Public Affairs Council.
IPD Integrated Project Delivery.
IPFA Insurance Premium Finance Association.
IPO Initial Public Offering.
IPT Insurance Premium Tax.
IR Incident Recall.
IRA Individual Retirement Account.
IRC Insurance Research Council; Internal Revenue Code.
IRES Insurance Regulatory Examiners Society.
IRI Industrial Risk Insurers.
IRIS Insurance Regulatory Information System.
IRM Improved Risk Mutuals.
IRMC Institute For Risk Management Consultants.
IRMI International Risk Management Institute, Inc.
IRP International Registration Plan.
IRPM Individual Risk Premium Modification.
IRR Internal Rate Of Return.
IRS Internal Revenue Service.
IRUA Intermediaries & Reinsurance Underwriters Association.
ISCEBS International Society Of Certified Employee Benefits Specialists.
ISO Insurance Services Office, Inc.
ISTEA Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act Of 1991.
ITA Interjurisdictional Trucking Agreement.
ITC Investment Tax Credit.
ITCIF International Trade Credit Insurance Facility.
ITES Information Technology Enabled Services.
ITI Insurance Testing Institute.
IVANS Insurance Value Added Network Services.
IWH Institute For Work & Health.
JCAH Joint Commission On The Accreditation Of Hospitals.
JCAHO Joint Commission On Accreditation Of Healthcare Organizations
JHA Job Hazard Analysis.
JOA Joint Operating Agreement.
JOBS Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act.
JSA Job Safety Analysis.
JUA Joint Underwriting Authority; Joint Underwriting Association.
JV Joint Venture.
LAE Loss Adjustment Expense.
LASH Lighter Aboard Ship
LCA Life Communicators Association.
LCF Loss Conversion Factor.
LDF Loss Development Factor.
LDW Limited Damage Waiver.
LEA Loss Executives Association.
LEED Leadership In Energy And Environmental Design.
LEPC Local Emergency Planning Committee.
LHWCA Longshore And Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act Of 1927.
LIAA Life Insurance Association Of America.
LIAMA Life Insurance Agency Management Association.
LIBOR London Interbank Offered Rate.
LIC Life Insurance Corporation of India.
LIMRA Life Insurance Marketing & Research Association.
LIRB Liability Insurance Research Bureau.
LLC Limited Liability Company.
LMU Loss Mitigation Underwriting.
LOC Letter Of Credit.
LOMA Life Office Management Association.
LPCS Legal Principles Claim Specialist.
LPRT Leading Producers Round Table.
LPSO Lloyd’s Policy Signing Office.
LPT Loss Portfolio Transfer.
LRRA Liability Risk Retention Act Of 1986.
LTA Lost Time Accident.
LTC Long Term Care.
LTD Long-Term Disability.
LTL Less Than Truckload.
LUMP Limits Under Multiple Policy Years.
LUTC Life Underwriter Training Council,
MAAA Member Of American Academy Of Actuaries.
MAC Maximum Allowable Concentration.
MAP Market Assistance Plan.
MAS Management Advisory Service.
MBIA Municipal Bond Insurance Association.
M&C Manufacturers And Contractors (Insurance).
MCA Motor Carrier Act Of 1980.
MCO Managed Care Organization.
MCR Minimum Capital Requirement.
MCS Monte Carlo Simulation.
M&D Minimum And Deposit.
MDL Maximum Dollar Loss.
MDO Monthly Debit Ordinary Life Insurance.
MDRT Million Dollar Round Table.
MET Multiple Employer Trust.
MEWAS Multiple Employer Welfare Associations.
MEWP Mobile Elevated Work Platform.
MFL Maximum Foreseeable Loss.
MGA Managing General Agent.
MGU Managing General Underwriter.
MIB Medical Information Bureau.
MICA Mortgage Insurance Companies Of America.
MICRA Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act Of 1975
MIGA Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency.
MIS Management Information System.
MLE Maximum Loss Expectancy.
MLEA Multiple Line Exclusive Agent.
MLIS Management Liability Insurance Specialist.
MLR Multiple Location Risk.
MMI Maximum Medical Improvement.
MMII Mass Marketing Insurance Institute.
MMSEA Medicare, Medicaid, And SCHIP Extension Act Of 2007.
MOL Mitigation Of Loss.
MOP Manufacturers Output Policy.
MORT Management Oversight And Risk Tree.
MOSB Mercantile Open Stock Burglary.
MP Minimum Premium; Multiple Peril.
MPCI Multi-Peril Crop Insurance.
MPEE Multi-Period Excess Earnings.
MPL Maximum Possible Loss.
MPP Managed Premium Plan.
MPRMA Missouri Public Risk Management Association.
MSA Market Service AgreementMaster Service Agreement.
MSAWPA Migrant And Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act Of 1983.
MSBF Money And Securities Broad Form.
MSD Musculoskeletal Disorder.
MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet.
MSVR Mandatory Securities Valuation Reserve.
MTC Motor Truck Cargo.
MVC Mean/Variance/Covariance.
MVIC Market Value Of Invested Capital.
MVR Motor Vehicle Record.
MYSL Multiyear Single Limit.
NAA National Association Of Accountants.
NAAQS National Ambient Air Quality Standard.
NABRTI National Association Of Bar- Related Title Insurers.
NACA National Association Of Catastrophe Adjusters.
NACIA National Association Of Crop Insurance Agents.
NAFI National Association Of Fire Investigators.
NAFIC National Association Of Fraternal Insurance Counselors.
NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement.
NAHU National Association Of Health Underwriters.
NAIA National Association Of Insurance Agents.
NAIC National Association Of Insurance Commissioners.
NAICS North American Industry Classification System.
NAIFA National Association Of Insurance And Financial Advisors.
NAII National Association Of Independent Insurers.
NAIIA National Association Of Independent Insurance Adjusters.
NAIIO Non- Admitted Insurers Information Office.
NAIW National Association Of Insurance Women.
NALC National Association Of Life Companies.
NAMIC National Association Of Mutual Insurance Companies.
NAOHP National Association Of Occupational Health Professionals.
NAPEO National Association Of Professional Employer Organizations.
NAPIA National Association Of Public Insurance Adjusters.
NAPSLO National Association Of Professional Surplus Lines Offices.
NARAB National Association Of Registered Agents And Brokers.
NASBA National Association Of State Boards Of Accountancy.
NASBP National Association Of Surety Bond Producers.
NASD National Association Of Securities Dealers.
NASDAQ National Association Of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations.
NASI National Academy Of Social Insurance.
NASP National Association Of Subrogation Professionals.
NATB National Automobile Theft Bureau.
NAUA National Auto Underwriters Association.
NBCR Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Or Radiological Weapons.
NBFU National Board Of Fire Underwriters.
NCCI National Council On Compensation Insurance.
NCCMP National Coordinating Committee For Multi
NCIGF National Conference Of Insurance Guaranty Funds.
NCIL National Conference Of Insurance Legislators.
NCOIL National Conference Of Insurance Legislators.
NCPI National Committee On Property Insurance.
NCSI National Council Of Self.
NCUA National Credit Union Administration.
NDI National Disaster Insurance Association.
NEAB Notional Experience Account Balance.
NEFE National Endowment For Financial Education.
NEISS National Electronic Injury Surveillance System.
NEPA National Environmental Policy Act Of 1969.
NFIA Nonappropriated Fund Instrumentalities Act Of 1952.
NFCA National Fraternal Congress Of America.
NFFE Nonfinancial Foreign Entity.
NFIP National Flood Insurance Program.
NFIRA National Flood Insurance Reform Act Of 1994.
NFPA National Fire Protection Association.
NFUCWC National Foundation For Unemployment Compensation And Workers Compensation.
NHCAA National Health Care Anti- Fraud Association.
NHI National Health Insurance.
NHTSA National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
NICB National Insurance Crime Bureau.
NICO National Insurance Consumer Organization.
NIDC National Insurance Development Corporation.
NIOSH National Institute For Occupational Safety And Health.
NIPA National Institute Of Pension Administrators.
NIRP National Insurance Risk Profile.
NISS National Independent Statistical Service.
NLE Normal Loss Expectancy Of A Risk.
NOA Naturally Occurring Asbestos.
NOC Not Otherwise Classified.
NODS Non-Owned Disposal Sites.
NOL Not Officially Lapsed.
NOLHIGA National Organization Of Life And Health Insurance Guaranty Associations.
NP Named Perils.
NPD No Payroll Division.
NPDB National Practitioner Data Bank.
NPL National Priority List.
NPV Net Present Value.
NRC Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
NRMC Nonprofit Risk Management Center.
NRRA National Risk Retention Association.
NRT National Response Team.
NSIPA National Society Of Insurance Premium Auditors.
NSLI National Service Life Insurance.
NSP Net Single Premium.
NSPA National Society Of Public Accountants.
NSPE National Society Of Professional Engineers.
NSPS New Source Performance Standards.
NTSB National Transportation Safety Board.
NVD No Value Declared.
OASDHI Old Age, Survivors, Disability, And Health Insurance (Act) Of 1935.
OCA Outstanding Claims Account.
OCIP Owner Controlled Insurance Program.
OCP Owners And Contractors Protective.
OCSLA Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act Of 1953.
OECD Organization For Economic Cooperation And Development.
OEE Operators Extra Expense.
OFA Organized Flying Adjusters.
OGP Original Gross Premium.
OI Outage Insurance.
OIS Operating Information System.
OL&T Owners, Landlords, And Tenants.
O&M Operations And Maintenance.
OMCS Office Of Motor Carrier Standards.
OPIC Overseas Private Investment Corporation.
OPPI Owners Protective Professional Indemnity.
ORFS Operational Risk Financing Securities.
ORM Operational Risk Management.
OSHA Occupational Safety And Health Administration.
OSLR Outstanding Loss Reserves.
OTC Other Than Collision.
PA Particular AveragePredictive Analytics.
PAAS Premium Audit Advisory Service.
PAC Political Action Committee.
PAIU Professional Association Of Insurance Underwriters.
PAP Personal Auto Policy.
PARMA Public Agency Risk Managers Association.
PAS Premium Allocation System.
PBGC Pension Benefits Guaranty Corporation.
PC Professional Corporation.
P&C Property And Casualty.
PCAOB Public Company Accounting Oversight Board.
PCC Protected Cell Captive.
PCI Property Casualty Insurers Of America.
PCIP Partner Controlled Insurance Program.
PCLA Property Claim Law Associate.
PCLS Property Claim Law Specialist.
PDA Pregnancy Discrimination Act Of 1978.
PDL Personal Director Liability.
PEBB Public Employee Blanket Bond.
PEO Professional Employer Organization.
PERT Performance, Evaluation, And Review Technique.
PI Personal Injury.
P&I Protection And Indemnity.
PIA Primary Insurance Account.
PIAA Physician Insurers Association Of America.
PICA Professional Insurance Communicators Of America.
PII Personally Identifiable Information.
PIP Personal Injury Protection.
PIPEDA Personal Information Protection And Electronic Documents Act Of 2000.
PIPSO Property Insurance Plans Service Office.
PL Professional Liability.
PLE Primary Loss Expectancy.
PLL Pollution Legal Liability.
PLR Primary Loss Retention.
PLRB Property Loss Research Bureau.
PLUS Professional Liability Underwriting Society.
PMA Package Modification Adjustment.
PMF Package Modification Factor.
PMI Private Mortgage Insurance.
PML Probable Maximum Loss.
PMPL Project Management Protective Liability.
PNOC Provisional Notice Of Cancellation.
POL Public Officials Liability.
PORC Producer-Owned Reinsurance Company.
PPACA Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act.
PPF Personal Property Floater.
PPO Preferred Provider Organization.
PR Pro Rata.
PRD Pro Rata Distribution.
PRI Political Risk Insurance.
PRIMA Public Risk Management Association.
PRM Personal Risk Management.
PRO Peer Review Organization.
PRP Potentially Responsible Party; Preferred Risk Policy.
PSA Placement Service Agreement.
PSAC Policy Signing And Accounting Centre .
PSC Public State Commission; Public Service Commission.
PSI Pollutant Standard Index.
PSLRA Private Securities Legislation Reform Act.
PSRO Professional Standards Review Organization.
PTE Prohibited Transaction Exemption.
P3 Public
PUC Public Utilities Commission.
PURMA Public Utilities Risk Management Association.
PV Present Value.
QC Quality Control.
QIP Quality Indicator Profile.
QIS Quantitative Impact Study.
QPC Qualified Pollution Exclusion.
Q TIP TRUST Qualified Terminable Interest Property Trust.
RA Remedial Action.
RAA Reinsurance Association Of America.
RACM Regulated Asbestos-Containing Material.
RACT Reasonably Available Control Technology.
RAROC Risk-Adjusted Return On Capital.
RARORAC Risk-Adjusted Return On Risk-Adjusted Capital.
RBC Risk-Based Capital.
RBNE Reserved But Not Enough.
RC Replacement Cost.
RCRA Resource Conservation And Recovery Act Of 1976.
RDF Retro Development Factor.
REEL Real Estate Environmental Liability.
REIT Real Estate Investment Trust.
REL Recommended Exposure Limit.
RFIS Remedial Feasibility Investigation Study.
RFP Request For Proposal.
RICO Racketeer Influenced And Corrupt Organizations Act Of 1970.
RIF Reduction In Force.
RIMAS Risk & Insurance Management Association Of Singapore.
RIMS Risk And Insurance Management Society, Inc.
RM Risk Management.
RMF Rate Modification Factor.
RMIA Risk Management Institution Of Australasia Ltd.
RMIS Risk Management Information System.
RML Residual Market Load.
ROC Research And Oversight Council On Workers’ Compensation.
ROCIP Rolling Owner Controlled Insurance Program.
ROE Return On Equity.
ROEBI Return On Employee Benefits Investment.
ROI Return On Investment.
ROL Rate On Line.
RORAC Return On Risk-Adjusted Capital.
RP Return Premium.
RPG Risk Purchasing Group.
RPII Related Party Insurance Income.
RPLU Registered Professional Liability Underwriter.
RPM Remedial Project Manager.
RPMP Risk Premium Modification Plan.
RQ Reportable Quantity.
RRA Risk Retention Act Of 1986.
RRE Responsible Reporting Entity.
RRG Risk Retention Group.
RRP Railroad Protective.
RRSP Registered Retirement Saving Plan.
RSPA Research And Special Programs Administration.
RTC Resolution Trust Corporation.
RTW Return To Work.
SA Society Of Actuaries.
SAA Surety Association Of America.
(SAAS) Software As A Service Model.
SAC Separate Account Company.
SAP Statutory Accounting Principles.
SARA Superfund Amendments And Reauthorization Act Of 1986.
SARBOX Sarbanes-Oxley Act Of 2002.
SAWCA Southern Association Of Workers’ Compensation Administrators.
SAWW Statewide Average Weekly Wage.
SB Senate Bill.
SBLI Savings Bank Life Insurance.
SBU Series Business Unit.
SCAS Securities Class Action Suits Filings.
SCC Segregated Cell Captive.
SCCIA South Carolina Captive Insurance Association.
SCHIP State Children’s Health Insurance Program.
SCIC Society Of Certified Insurance Counselors.
SCLA Senior Claim Law Associate.
SCOH Statistical Coding Occupancy Hazard.
SCOPE Supervision, Construction, Occupancy, Protection, Exposure.
SCPCU Society Of Chartered Property & Casualty Underwriters.
SCR Solvency Capital Requirement.
SEC Securities And Exchange Commission.
SEMCI Single-Entry Multiple Company Interface.
SEP Simplified Employee Pension.
SERC State Emergency Response Commission.
SERP Senior Executive Retirement Plan.
SERP Supplementary Employee Retirement Plan.
SEUA Southeastern Underwriters Association.
SF Standard Fire Forms.
SFAA Surety & Fidelity Association Of America .
SFHA Special Flood Hazard Area.
SFIP Standard Flood Insurance Policy.
SFP Standard Fire Policy.
SGLI Servicemen’s Group Life Insurance.
SIA Society Of Insurance Accountants.
SIC Standard Industrial Classification.
SIFM Society Of Insurance Financial Management.
SIG Self- Insurance Group.
SIIA Self- Insurance Institute Of America.
SIO Surety Information Office.
SIP State Implementation Plans.
SIPC Securities Investor Protection Corporation.
SIR Self-Insured Retention; Society Of Insurance Research.
SIRP Self- Insured Reimbursement Policy.
SITE Society Of Insurance Trainers And Educators.
SIU Special Investigative Unit.
SK Storekeepers.
S&L Savings And Loan.
SL Sprinkler Leakage.
SLC Special Litigation Committee.
SLR Stop-Loss Reinsurance.
SLUSA Securities Litigation Uniform Standards Act.
SME Small And Medium Enterprises.
SMP Special Multi
SNUR Significant New Use Rule.
SOA Society Of Actuaries.
SOX Sarbanes-Oxley Act Of 2002.
S&P Standard And Poor’s.
SPAP Special Personal Auto Policy.
SPBA Society Of Professional Benefit Administrators.
SPCV Special Purpose Corporate Vehicle.
SPECS Specifications.
SR Short Rate.
SRA Society For Risk Analysis.
SR&CC Strikes, Riots, And Civil Commotions.
SRMC Society Of Risk Management Consultants.
SSA Social Security Administration.
SSAP 62 Statement Of Statutory Accounting Principles No. 62.
SSRS Single State Registration System.
STD Short- Term Disability.
TAM Technical Advice Memorandum.
TAIL VAR Tail Value At Risk.
TAMRA  Technical And Miscellaneous Revenue Act Of 1988.
TCD Treasury Certificate Of Deposit.
TCE Tail Conditional Expectation.
TCN Third Country National.
TCPA Telephone Consumer Protection Act Of 1991.
TDA Tax Deferred Annuity.
TDB Temporary Disability Benefits.
TDI Trade Disruption Insurance.
TECH E&O Technology Errors And Omissions.
TEFRA Tax Equity And Financial Responsibility Acts Of 1982 & 1983.
TERI Targeted Enterprise Risk Insurance.
TEXAS PRIMA Texas Public Risk Management Association.
TIAA Teachers Insurance And Annuity Association.
TIF Tax Incremental Financing.
TIL Truth In Lending (Act Of 1968).
TIRB Transportation Insurance Rating Bureau
TIV Total Insurable Value.
TL Truckload.
TLO Total Loss Only.
TLV Threshold Limit Value.
TM Tax Multiplier.
TMP Texas Multi
TOLI Trust-Owned Life Insurance.
TOR Technique Of Operations Review.
TPA Third-Party Administrator.
TPRMA Tennessee Public Risk Management Association.
TRA Tax Reform Act Of 1984.
TRIA Terrorism Risk Insurance Act Of 2002.
TRIEA Terrorism Risk Insurance Extension Act Of 2005.
TRIP Terrorism Risk Insurance Program.
TRIPRA Terrorism Risk Insurance Program Reauthorization Act Of 2007.
TRIREA Terrorism Risk Insurance Revision And Extension Act Of 2007.
TRS Total Reduced Sulphur.
TSA Tax Sheltered Annuity.
TSCA Toxic Substances Control Act Of 1976.
TSDF Treatment, Storage, And Disposal Facility.
TSLA Texas Surplus Lines Association, Inc.
TTD Temporary Total Disability.
UBIT Unrelated Business Income Tax.
UBTI Unrelated Business Taxable Income.
UCC Uniform Commercial Code.
UCD Unemployment Compensation Disability.
UCI Unemployment Compensation Insurance.
UCR Usual, Customary, Reasonable.
UCRA Unified Carrier Registration Agreement.
UEL Upper Explosive Level.
UEP Unearned Premium.
UEPR Unearned Premium Reserve.
UFTA Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act.
UIM Under Insurance Motorist.
UIMV Underinsured Motor Vehicle.
UJF Unsatisfied Judgment Fund.
UL Umbrella Liability.
 ULAE Unallocated Loss Adjustment Expense.
ULC Underwriters Laboratories Of Canada.
UM Uninsured Motorists.
UMPD Uninsured Motorist Property Damage.
UMV Uninsured Motor Vehicle.
UNL Ultimate Net Loss.
U&O Use And Occupancy.
UP Unearned Premium.
UPR Unearned Premium Reserve.
UPS Uninterruptible Power System.
URL Uniform Resource Locator.
URMIA University Risk Management & Insurance Association.
USDA U.S. Department Of Agriculture.
USERRA Uniformed Services Employment And Reemployment Rights Act Of 1994.
USGLI U.S. Government Life Insurance.
USITC U.S. International Trade Commission.
USL&HW United States Longshore And Harbor Workers’ (Compensation Act) Of 1927.
UST Underground Storage Tank.
UTBMS Uniform Task Based Management System.
VAR Value-At-Risk.
VCIA Vermont Captive Insurance Association.
VEBA Voluntary Employees’ Beneficiary Association.
VGLI Veterans Group Life Insurance.
VIE Variable Interest Entity.
V&MM Vandalism And Malicious Mischief.
VOC Volatile Organic Compound.
VOR Value Of Risk.
VP Valuable Papers.
VPP Voluntary Protection Program.
VPPA Video Privacy Protection Act Of 1988.
VSI Vendors Single Interest.
WA With Average.
WACC Weighted Average Cost Of Capital.
WAEPA Worldwide Assurance For Employees Of Public Agencies.
WARN Workers’ Adjustment Retraining Notification (Act Of 1988).
WC Workers Compensation.
WCLA Workers’ Compensation Claim Law Associate.
WCLS Workers’ Compensation Claim Law Specialist.
WCRI Workers Compensation Research Institute.
WLRT Women Leaders Round Table.
WMD Weapon Of Mass Destruction.
WPA With Particular Average.
WYO Write-Your-Own.
YRCT Yearly Renewable Convertible Term.
YRT Yearly Renewable Term.

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