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IBPS PO VII Interview Experience shared by Srinath Chowdary

Hi friends!!!

Our reader Srinath shared interview experience that he had during IBPS PO Interview Experience. You can learn from his experience and find a way for yourself as well in the upcoming days.


DATE : 03-02-2018
 Reached the venue by 12 pm and I was the first person to get my biometric and certificate verification done , went cool. They are friendly . My serial no was 17 , so thought it would take around 6 pm to complete my interview , but luckily they called not by serial no. but by some random order and I was given no. 4 .

My turn exactly 3 pm . Entered the room , smiled and wished them.

Total members : 5 ( 4 Male , 1 female )

I wish them , they offered to sit , thanked them and sat . I was abt to introduce myself with all the stuff I prepared but then asked M1

M1 : So, whats ur name ?
Me : Srinath Chowdary

M1 : Qualification
Me :  Electrical and Electronics engineering

M1 : so , did u prepare banking awareness ?
Me : Yes sir , i did ( he then asked M3 , the centre person to take on )

M3 : After demonitisation though initially there was some problm like money shortage n all , it settled and everyone feel comfortable . whats the reason ?
Me : It was then when digital wallets take on and our pm introduced BHIM app and stressed on digital banking , online banking , m banking ETC

M3 : Whats bhim app , explain it ?
Me : Explained and said it works on upi .

M3 : Whats UPI ?
Me : explained

M3 : What is m banking ?
Me : Explained , but he asked what should require for it , i said MMID

M3 : Oh MMID ! It doesn’t require Aadhar number ?
Me : I was embarrased as it felt it like sarcasm and said i dont know exactly sir , but i read it as MMID .

M3 : Ok , what are the major exports and imports of India ?
Me : This was the question dat scared me as i have no idea on it and the mistake i did was taking time of 30 secs r more to think and finally said sorry sir i dont know.
I could have say it without wasting time . I said crude oil is import and exports i have no idea.

M2 : Tell me some currencies ?
Me : Dollar, Franc , Bhat , Krone and i could recall many in that tension though i knew many more.

M3 : Krone ? , which country’s currency is it , i haven’t heared till now !!
Me : I laughed inside and said sir its Denmark’s

M2 : Why are u saying small currencies , u haven’t said UK, Japan, China currencies ..
Me : Sorry sir , i didn’t recall that time and answered those 3 currencies correctly and they felt ok, good.

F1 : She wasn’t asking just observing me .

M4 : He seemed like asking questions like now and then , just once I think that too not a question , just supporting remaining panel members’ questions .

M1 : He gave me a water bottle and asked  to market it .
Me : Little annoyed, but did my best .

M1 : These days po is no less than sales executive so i ve asked u to market it , most of u ppl are having a myth dat bank po is just a deskjob like we can work simply sitting in the bank .
Me : Smiled . ( i felt my interview was just ok ok till then and then got my fav question from M1)

M1 : So , tell me about your hobbies !
Me : I actually waiting for this question and replied reading books.

M1 : What sort of books , any genre ?
Me : Nothing like that, any book which interests me, I ll read .

M1 : Explain a book u read !
Me : I explained the super book for financial beginners “RICH DAD POOR DAD ”

Panel : Laughed about title , and asked in friendly way like which dad is better rich r poor ?
Me : Explained and they were very much impressed with it , and at last I felt satisfied.

M1 : Ok , srinath u can leave now .
Me : Thank you sir and came out.

It lasted for 12-15 minutes and my interview done in both Telugu and English . The panel was friendly and cooperative particulary M1 , he helped me lot in answering .

THANK YOU Srinat for sharing your Interview Experience with us!!!!!!!!!!!

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