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Gem Points For IBPS SO (Specialist Officer) – Part -13

Hello Aspirants,as we all know only few days are left for IBPS SO exam.So, we are starting a new series ” Gem points ” in this regard.learn them by heart.Share and discuss in comment section.We will gear up level day by day starting from very basics.So,Put your Seatbelts on and join us in the journey to be a specialist officer.

Electronic Mail and File Transfer

1)Simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) utilizes TCP as the transport layer protocol for electronic mail transfer.

2)SMTP connections secured by SSL are known as SMTPS.

3)SMTP uses the TCP port 25.

~post office protocol
~internet message access protocol are some protocols used to receive mail messages.

5)On-demand mail relay (ODMR) is an SMTP extension.

6)An email client needs to know the IP address of its initial SMTP server.

7)A SMTP session may include
zero SMTP transaction
one SMTP transaction
more than one SMTP transaction

8)SMTP defines a message transport.

9)open mail relay is an SMTP server configured in such a way that anyone on the internet can send e-mail through it.

10)SMTP is used to deliver messages to user’s terminal
and user’s mailbox.

11)When the mail server sends mail to other mail servers it becomes SMTP client.

12) If you have to send multimedia data over SMTP it has to be encoded into ASCII.

13) In SMTP, the command to write recievers mail adress is written with this command RCPT TO.

14)The underlying Transport layer protocol used by SMTP is TCP.

15)It requires message to be in 7bit ASCII format
It transfers files from one mail server to another mail server
The sending mail server pushes the mail to receiving mail server hence it is push protocol.

16)Internet mail places each object in One message.

17)Typically the TCP port used by SMTP is 25

18)A session may include Zero or more SMTP transactions.

19)When the sender and the receiver of an email are on different systems, we need only Two UAs and two pairs of MTAs.

20)User agent does not support this
Composing messages
Reading messages
Replying messages


1)An RPC (remote procedure call) is initiated by the client.

2)In RPC, while a server is processing the call, the client is blocked unless the client sends an asynchronous request to the server.

3)Remote procedure calls is inter-process communication.

4)RPC allows a computer program to cause a subroutine to execute in another address space.

5)RPC works between two processes. These processes must be
~on the same computer
~on different computers connected with a network

6)A remote procedure is uniquely identified by
program number
version number
procedure number

7) An RPC application requires
specific protocol for client server communication
a client program
a server program

8)RPC is used to
~establish a server on remote machine that can respond to queries
~retrieve information by calling a query.

9)RPC is a synchronous operation.

10)The local operating system on the server machine passes the incoming packets to the server stub

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