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Gem Points For IBPS SO (Specialist Officer) – Part -10

Hello Aspirants,as we all know only few days are left for IBPS SO exam.So, we are starting a new series ” Gem points ” in this regard.learn them by heart.Share and discuss in comment section.We will gear up level day by day starting from very basics.So,Put your Seatbelts on and join us in the journey to be a specialist officer.

Various aspects of Application Layer

World Wide Web

1)A piece of icon or image on a web page associated with another webpage is called hyperlink.

2)Dynamic web page generates on demand by a program or a request from browser.

3)web browser enables user to access the resources of internet.

4)Common gateway interface is used to generate executable files from web content by web server.

5)URL stands for uniform resource locator.

6)A web cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored in user’s web browser while a user is browsing a website.

7) An alternative of javascript on windows platform is VBScript.

8)Document object model (DOM) :-convention for representing and interacting with objects in html documents.

9)AJAX stands for asynchronous javascript and xml.


1)Multiple object can be sent over a TCP connection between client and server in persistent HTTP.

2)HTTP is application layer protocol.

3) In the network HTTP resources are located by uniform resource identifier.

4)HTTP client requests by establishing a transmission control protocol connection to a particular port on the server.

5)In HTTP pipelining multiple HTTP requests are sent on a single TCP connection without waiting for the corresponding responses.

6)FTP server listens for connection on port number 21.

7)In FTP protocol, client contacts server using transmission control protocol as the transport protocol.

8)In passive mode FTP, the client initiates both the control and data connections.

9)The file transfer protocol is built on client server architecture.

10) In file transfer protocol, data transfer can be done in
~stream mode
~block mode
~compressed mode

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