GA Questions Asked In IBPS RRB Clerk Mains Exam 2018 – October 07

Dear Aspirants,

GA questions asked in today’s RRB Assistant Mains Exam are listed below. If you have any more questions from the exam, then kindly share it in the comment section.


  1. Rana Kapoor is the CEO of – Yes Bank
  2. The term “Back heel” is related to – Football
  3. Virat Kohli completed how many test centuries – 23
  4. Biplab Kumar Dev is the CM of – Tripura
  5. World Red cross day is observed on – 8th May
  6. What is the Minimum days for guaranteed wage employment in MNGREGA – 100 days
  7. Bajrang Punia is related to – Free Style Wrestling
  8. A football team member and coach were trapped in a cave, are from which country – Thailand
  9. The rate at which the central bank of a country (Reserve Bank of India in case of India) lends money to commercial banks in the event of any shortfall of funds – Repo Rate
  10. The Headquarter of World bank located – Washington D.C (USA)
  11. The Headquarter of UNESCO located – Paris
  12. The currency of Denmark is – Krona
  13. Justin Trudeau is the Prime Minister of – Canada
  14. Harshvardhan Singh is a minister of – Ministry of Science & Technology, Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change and Ministry of Earth Sciences
  15. “Yudh abhyas” exercise is between India and which country – USA
  16. The GDP Rate according to CSO – 8.2%
  17. Biofuel flight between Delhi and Dehradun by which airline – Spicejet
  18. The chairman of SEBI – Ajay Tyagi
  19. Who is the head of the NPA committee – Murli Manohar Joshi
  20. Padma shree, Padma bhushan awards are given on – Republic Day
  21. G20 2019 summit will be held at which place – Osaka, Japan
  22. The government proposed the merger of three banks — Bank of Baroda, Vijaya Bank and Dena Bank
  23. Free education is compulsory to children up to which age – 6 to 14 years
  24. The full form of DRDO – Defence Research and Development Organisation
  25. Which cricketer has turned down Doctorate Degree from Jadavpur University – Sachin Tendulkar
  26. The current rate of SLR – 19.5%
  27. The HQ of National institute of Petroleum – Dehradun (Uttarakhand)
  28. The full form of FAME – Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Vehicles
  29. The HQ of European Investment Bank – Luxembourg
  30. In BSBDA account how many times one can withdraw money – 4 times
  31. The Deadline for the launch of India’s maiden human space flight programme (Gaganyaan) – 2022
  32. Mahe, the smallest district is in which state – Puducherry

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