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English Questions: Para-jumbled Paragraph(New Pattern) Set 177

Welcome to Online English Section with explanation in Here we are creating question sample in Para-jumbled ,  which is BASED ON Bank EXAMS 2018 !!!

Correct sequence

Directions (Q.1-10) In each of the questions below , four sentences are given which are denoted by – A,B,C,D . By using all the four sentences , make a meaningful paragraph. The correct order of sentences is your answer. Choose from the five alternatives the one having the correct order of sentences and mark it as your answer.

  1. A. This abnormality in our political life has become a normal way of doing politics. We should realise that democracy has been subverted, the rule of law has become redundant, and that our representatives are responsible for this serious deviation in political life.
    B. Today, Hindu society is complicit in massive crimes perpetrated against Dalits, Muslims, and women, because it is silent in the face of atrocities practised by vigilantes who single-handedly define what they consider ‘morality’, and who punish people merely on suspicion that they violate codes of Hinduism.
    C. Reports in newspapers bring stories of horrific violence perpetrated by vigilantes masquerading as the keeper of the keys to the Hindu kingdom.
    D. Backed by powerful political patrons and a compliant police force, vigilantes are legislators, prosecutors, juries and executioners rolled into one.
    1. ABDC
    2. BDCA
    3. CABD
    4. BCAD
    5. DBCA
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer : (2)
    The correct sequence is BDCA

  2. A. Both sides knew no one would win in a nuclear war but they prepared to fight regardless. It was an insane and murderous logic: since neither side could allow the other to prevail, the only acceptable outcome to both was mutual assured destruction.
    B. A handful of states followed them down into this moral pit: answer mass destruction with mass destruction.
    C. During the Cold War, the United States and the Soviet Union argued that the world was in a life or death struggle and nuclear weapons were a tragic necessity.
    D. Tragically, this included India, which was warned by none other than Mahatma Gandhi that “the moral to be legitimately drawn from the supreme tragedy of the bomb is that it will not be destroyed by counter-bombs”.
    1. DABC
    2. ABCD
    3. BADC
    4. CABD
    5. DBCA
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer : (4)
    The correct sequence is CABD

  3. A. Most of the other nuclear weapons states, led by the U.S., did not try to hide behind diplomatic procedure.
    B. After all, the world would never have banned slavery if we had to wait for all the slave owners to agree in advance that slavery was a bad thing and that they were ready to end it.
    C. After 70 years, the vast majority of countries around the world suspect that day may never come.
    D. They simply insisted that the world wait for them to decide when they are ready to give up their nuclear weapons.
    1. ADCB
    2. DACB
    3. CBDA
    4. BCDA
    5. DBAC
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer : (1)
    The correct sequence is ADCB

  4. A. An aspect of this is the sense in the section of India Mr. Vijay represents that southern people are different, and must therefore be dominated.
    B. The forces that have catapulted U.S. President Donald Trump into global prominence stem from such loyalties but they have a far older history in the Indian subcontinent.
    C. This is evident from the fact that the oldest civilisations we know of in India are the ones represented by the ruins of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro.
    D. While race as a category may have been discredited in science, the primordial loyalties that early observers, mostly from the West, had characterised as racial have not only been part of the history of mankind but also remain to this day.
    1. ADBC
    2. CABD
    3. DBAC
    4. BACD
    5. CDAB
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer : (3)
    The correct sequence is DBAC

  5. A. An ameliorating factor for the States is that the revenue deficit for the Centre is 2.5% of GDP compared to 0.2% for the States.
    B. Thus while the Centre borrows largely for revenue spending and current consumption like wages, salaries, the States do so for capital expenditure like infrastructure.
    C. Overall, however, this is a compositional issue and matters less for solvency or debt sustainability.
    D. This is despite the fact that delivering public services which are growth enhancing, such as health and education, is the prime responsibility of the States.
    1. BACD
    2. DCAB
    3. CBDA
    4. DBAC
    5. ABDC
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer : (5)
    The correct sequence is ABDC

  6. A. Eventually, workers threw their support behind the Labour Party, a political party based on trade unions that advocated the creation of the government welfare state.
    B. In France, the modernized and centralized state that emerged in the Third Republic united the nation and allowed a mass media culture to emerge.
    C. The last third of the nineteenth century saw the emergence of the masses as a serious political force in national politics. In Britain, the working classes that had given the country the greatest successes in the industrial revolution clamored to be heard by the ruling elite.
    D. A similar development took place in Germany, where the Social Democratic party emerged as a political force despite the numerous attempts by the ruling elite to destroy its power.
    1. CADB
    2. BACD
    3. ACBD
    4. CBDA
    5. DCAB
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer : (1)
    The correct sequence is CADB

  7. A. Although the fighting reached across many parts of the globe, most countries involved shared a united effort aimed at ending the aggression of the Axis Powers—Germany, Italy, and Japan.
    B. World War II effectively stopped the world between 1939 and 1945. To this day, it remains the most geographically widespread military conflict the world has ever seen.
    C. Therefore, most studies of the war cover the conflicts with Germany and Japan separately, dividing treatment of the war between the European and Pacific theaters of operation.
    D. Despite the fact that Germany and Japan were technically allies, however, they had vastly different motives and objectives, and their level of cooperation was primarily one of distracting the attention of each other’s enemies rather than of attaining any specific common goals.
    1. ADCB
    2. DABC
    3. CBDA
    4. ABCD
    5. BADC
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer : (5)
    The correct sequence is BADC

  8. A. The Scientific Revolution left the world with a more logical description of physics, in which the laws of motion and gravity were well understood, setting the stage for many future breakthroughs and inventions.
    B. In the field of biology, where much had been left to mysticism until the seventeenth century, thinkers of the Scientific Revolution made great strides, pushing understanding of the human body to unprecedented heights.
    C. Much of the work done during the latter sixteenth and seventeenth century is still considered the foundation of the major fields of modern science, including physics, chemistry, biology, and astronomy.
    D. By breaking the hold of the Aristotelian system, the Scientific Revolution opened the door to modern science.
    1. BCAD
    2. DCAB
    3. ABCD
    4. DBCA
    5. CADB
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer : (2)
    The correct sequence is DCAB

  9. A. The further someone was from actual agriculture work, the more highly he or she was respected. Manual laborers became the least respected members of society, while those engaged in “high culture,” such as art or music, became the most respected.
    B. Division of labor in agricultural societies led to job specialization and stratification. People began to value certain jobs more highly than others.
    C. As basic survival needs were met, people began trading goods and services they could not provide for themselves and began accumulating possessions.
    D. Some accumulated more than others and gained prestige in society as a result. For some people, accumulating possessions became their primary goal.
    1. ACBD
    2. CDBA
    3. DCAB
    4. BACD
    5. ABCD
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer : (4)
    The correct sequence is BACD

  10. A. The strain of sapping engagements with a quizzing, invasive, corrosive media, cynical and disparaging critics, curious observers watching everything about him as a person, exploring the last rock, stone and pebble in his life’s track to explore, excavate, exhume everything, anything, about him that could be dug, from what he wore, ate, drank, to how he gestured, his sports, his hobbies, his friends was telling on him.
    B. As was that ultimate bunch of grapes that the vineyard vandaliser wants to get his hands to — his family. ‘Obama is ageing already,’ was felt, said, with care for the man.
    C. For Barack Hussein Obama was a phenomenon — a man who had to affirm his black roots without denying white America its own deep and broad embedding. He wanted to change things, but without disturbing too much.
    D. Mr. Obama’s head started to show salt almost immediately after the inauguration.
    1. CDAB
    2. BDCA
    3. DABC
    4. ADCB
    5. DCBA
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer : (3)
    The correct sequence is DABC

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