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English Questions: Antonyms and Synonyms Set – 13

Hello Aspirants.
Welcome to Online English Section with explanation in Here we are creating question sample in antonyms and synonyms, which is BASED ON IBPS/SBI PO/CLERK/LIC AAO/RRB & SSC CGL EXAM and other competitive exams.

EXTINCT: No longer existing or active – the extinct dinosaur, alive only in history.
Synonym – defunct.
Antonym – extant.

EXTIRPATE: To root out, destroy totally – extirpated the cause of trouble.
Synonyms – eradicate, exterminate, efface, obliterate.
Antonym – help, leave alone

EXTRANEOUS: Not essential; foreign; irrelevant – excluded material extraneous to the subject.
Synonyms – extrinsic, adventitious.
Antonyms – germane, intrinsic, inherent, relevant, pertinent.

EXULTATION: Great rejoicing – received the good news with exultation.
Synonym – jubilation.
Antonym – discouragement.

FACETIOUS: Given to joking or inappropriate gaiety; said in fun – brightened the evening with his facetious remarks.
Synonyms: jocose, droll, flippant, frivolous.
Antonyms: solemn, grave, saturnine.

FRUSTRATE: To prevent (the attainment of an object); to defeat or render ineffectual – His scholastic progress was frustrated by a serious illness.
Synonyms: balk, thwart, foil, baffle, obstruct, discomfit.
Antonym: abet.

FULSOME: Disgustingly excessive – nauseated by fulsome praise.
Synonym – adulatory,bombastic, buttery, canting, cloying,coarse,extravagant, fawning,flattering,glib,grandiloquent,hypocritical.
Antonym – reasonable,sincere.

GARNISH: To trim or decorate – dishes garnished attractively with greens.
Synonyms: adorn, deck.
Synonym – decrease, divestment, plainness.

GENESIS: Origin – chemistry, which had its genesis in alchemy.
Synonym: inception.
Antonym – conclusion,end, finale,finish.

GESTICULATE: To make gestures, or indicate feelings by. motions – gesticulated wildly to show his distress.
Synonym – communicate, intercommunicate.
Antonym – speak.

GHASTLY: Horrible, deathlike – a ghastly disaster which shocked the world.
Synonyms: gruesome, grisly, pallid, macabre, grim, lurid.
Synonym – delightful,pleasant,pleasing,wonderful.

GIBE (variant spelling: JIBE): To laugh at; to utter with scorn – gibed at his enemy mercilessly.
Synonyms – mock, sneer, jeer, scoff, flout, deride (adj.: derisive), rail, taunt.
Synonym – commendation,praise

GLIB: Smooth-spoken, fluent – a glib liar, distorting the truth effortlessly.
Synonym – artful,articulate,easy,eloquent,facile, fast-talking,flip,fluent,garrulous.
Antonym – inarticulate,quiet, stuttering, tongue-tied, uncommunicative.

IMPORT (noun): Meaning; significance or importance – a matter of great import.
Synonyms – purport, moment, consequence.
Antonym – insignificance.

IMPOSTOR (noun: IMPOSTURE): One who pretends to be what he is not unmasked as an impostor.
Synonyms – quack, mountebank, charlatan, bogus, fraud.
Antonym – philanthropist.

IMPRECATION: A curse – hurled imprecations at those who would not listen to him.
Synonyms – execration, malediction, anathema.
Antonyms – benediction, benison.

IMPREGNABLE: Unconquerable – an impregnable fortress.
Synonym – invincible.
Antonym – vulnerable.

IMPROPRIETY: Improper act, manners, or expression – guilty of impropriety in public office.
Synonyms – indecency, indecorum.
Antonym – amenity.

IMPROVIDENT: Lacking in thrift; not providing for future needs – an improvident spender.
Synonyms –  prodigal, shiftless.
Antonym – careful, miserly, provident, thrifty.

IMPUGN: To attack or criticize as false; to call in question – impugned his honesty.
Synonym – assail, attack, blast, break, call into question, cast aspersions upon.
Antonym – flatter, praise.

INCARCERATE: To imprison – crushed his opponents by incarcerating them.
Synonyms –  intern, immure. Antonyms: emancipate, enfranchise.
Antonym – free, let go, release.

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