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English Grammar – One word Substitutions 7

Welcome to Online English in We are providing English Grammar Which is very Important in English Language, we are providing you One Word Substitutions, Which is very important for Banks and SSC CGL Exams!!!

Quack – One who dishonestly claims to have knowledge and skill, esp. in medicine.
Quarantine – Confinement to one place to prevent spread of infection.
Quixotic – Trying to do the impossible, usually to help others, while putting oneself into danger.
Raconteur – One who is good at telling stories or who tells anecdotes
Rapport – A good relationship between two people.
Receptive – Capable of receiving new ideas.
Reflation – A government policy of increasing the amount of money in circulation.
Refugee – One who takes refuge in a foreign country
Reinforce – Strengthen by additional men or material.
Reinstate – Put back in a former station or condition.
Requisition – An official demand or request.
Retribution – A severe deserved punishment.
Ringleader – One who leads others to do wrong or make trouble.
Rodent – A small herbivore usually considered a pest..
Ruminant – A cud-chewing animal
Sabotage – Wanton destruction of a plant by workmen ; Wanton destruction especially of a factory, etc. by dissatisfied workers.
Sacrilege – The violation or profaning of sacred things.
Sanatorium – A hospital esp, for tuberculosis patients and convalescents. ; A place for invalids and convalescents.
Sanctimonious – Making a show of piety.
Scaffold – A structure on which criminals used to be hanged.
Scuba – An instrument used for breathing when swimming under water.
Sculptor – One who carves in stone, metal, wood, etc.
Sedentary – Done while sitting down.
Seer – One who can see into the future.
Sensationalism – The intentional producing of excitement or shock.
Septuagenarian – One in his seventies.
Silhouette – Black shadow-like picture on white background.
Simultaneous – happening or done at the same time
Simultaneously – Taking place or happening at the same time.
Sinecure – Any office with good salary but no work.
Small Fry – Unimportant people.
Snippet – A small piece from something spoken or written.
Sojourn – A short stay at a place.
Somnambulist – One who walk in his sleep.
Spendthrift – One who spends too much.
Spinster – An unmarried woman.
Stale – Something which is not fresh.
Stampede – A sudden rush of a large number of frightened people or animals.
Stellar – Of the stars.
Stockbroker – One who buys and sell shares for others.
Stoic – One who is indifferent to pain and pleasure.
Stratagem – A trick to deceive an enemy.
Stringent – Very strict.
Subcutaneous – Beneath the skin.
Subsidy – Money paid by a government to make prices lower.
Subversive – Attempting to weaken or overthrow authority.
Superannuated – Too old for work.
Superfluous – More than is needed
Surgeon – One who treats diseases by Operations
Surreal – Having a strange, dreamlike unreal quality.
Symposium – Collection of views of several persons on a topic.
Synonym – A word with the same meaning as another.
Tableau – A lifelike representation of a famous scene by a group of people who do not move or speak.
Taboo – An act which religion or custom regards as forbidden.
Taxidermy – The art of preparing, stuffing and mounting the skins of animals, birds and fish. ; The art of stuffing animals and setting them in life-like poses.
Technocrat – A specialist in technology.
Terminate – Come or bring to an end.
Theist – One who believes in the existence of God.
Theocracy – Government by priests.
Thesaurus – Lexicon, esp, a collection of words
Timber – Wood cut down for building etc.
Topiary – The art of trimming trees and bushes to decorative shapes.
Topography – The art of representing the physical features of a place on a map.
Traitor – One who betrays his friends, ruler, country, etc. or One who is disloyal to his country.
Transmigration – Belief that the soul passes at death into another body.

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