Egyptian diplomat Ahmed AboulGheit named Secretary General of the Arab League

Egypt officially nominates Ahmed Aboul-Gheit to head Arab League.His appointment was contained in a statement released by the 22-member bloc.

  • Ahmed AboulGheit as the Arab League’s new secretary general,will replace fellow Egyptian Nabil El-Araby, who announced that he would not seek another term after the expiration of his current tenure in July 2016.Egyptian diplomat Ahmed Aboul Gheit named Secretary General of the Arab League
  • Prior to his new appointment Abul Gheits erved as Egypt’s last Foreign Minister under expelled leaded Hosni Mubarak.

Ahmed AboulGheit

  • AboulGheitwas born in Cairo in 1942, He served as permanent representative of Egypt at the United Nations Headquarters in New York between 1999 and 2004.
  • He graduated from Egypt’s Ain Shams University in business. He also served as Egyptian Ambassador to Italy in 1992.

The Arab League

  • The Arab League was formed in Cairo by six Arab countries in 1945, today, it comprises 22 Arab countries spanning North Africa, the Horn of Africa and the Middle East.

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