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Welcome to Demo Quiz

Title: Demo Quiz
Category: Demo
Quiz Time: 15min
No Of Question: 10

Important Points to NOTE before starting the Quiz
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  • Start Quiz Button – Click the button to start quiz
  • Review Question Button – You can mark the doubtful Questions for Review. After finishing all the questions, you can answer the Questions which are marked for Review.
  • Question Number Button – You can navigate to any question by just clicking the Question number.
  • Quiz Summary Button– Once you answer the last question, you will be seeing “Quiz Summary” below the answer box. Click that, you can see how many questions are answered & its showing below the Quiz-Summary heading.
  • Finish Quiz Button – Now you can see Finish Quiz Option. By clicking it, you can see your score & time.
  • LeaderBoard – After that, you will be seeing option for entering your Name and e-Mail. Kindly fill that. Then only you can see your name in Score Card (Leader Board).
  • View Question Button – Now  clicking “View Questions”, you can see all the questions with right answers.


Click Here to View Demo Quiz Leaderboard Page

Note – U can try this quiz many time to understand our quiz system.


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