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Current Affairs Quiz: April 14 2019

AffairsCloud brings you the complete and important daily Current Affairs April 14 2019 Quiz to achieve more marks in Banking, Insurance, UPSC, SSC, CLAT, Railways and all other competitive Exams. We have prepared the current affairs quiz question from our daily current affairs updates.

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Questions Based on Current Affairs April 14 2019

  1. Which country was selected as the Guest of Honour for Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, ADIBF 2019?
    1) Srilanka
    2) Thailand
    3) India
    4) Bangladesh
    5) None of these
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer – 3) India
    On 12th April 2019, UAE selected India as the Guest of Honour country at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, ADIBF 2019, to attract a significant increase in the number of visitors with various events and activities. Abu Dhabi International Book Fair.The event will be held from 24th to 30th April 2019.The purpose of this 29th edition of the book fair is to highlight the UAE’s rich heritage, showcasing its authenticity, modernity, as well as its cultural and literary output.India’s selection as the Guest of Honour will strengthen the relationship between India and UAE.

  2. Largest insurance company, Life Insurance Corporation(LIC), has received ________ years to reduce 10% of its stake in IDBI?
    1) 10 Years
    2) 12 Years
    3) 14 Years
    4) 15 Years
    5) None of these
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer – 2) 12 Years
    Life Insurance Corporation(LIC), the largest insurance company in India, got 12 years from RBI for cut down stake in IDBI Bank.LIC is the lender’s major shareholder, and it has a 51 per cent stake in the Bank. It means that no obligation to sell its stake in the following years or would probably spend higher money to keep its stake in any future fund raising by the bank. IDBI Bank.Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDAI) claimed that LIC can take up to 15 percent stake in any bank,which can stretch up to 30 percent as per the board approval.But the insurance regulator has authorised LIC to hold up to 51 percent in IDBI Bank in 2018.After 12 years LIC has to decrease stake in IDBI Bank by 10 per cent to 40 per cent.

  3. Reserve Bank of India has permitted Re-insurance and Composite Insurance brokers to open which account for undertaking transactions?
    1) NRI Account
    2) Recurring Deposit Account
    3) DEMAT Account
    4) Foreign Currency Accounts
    5) None of these
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer – 4) Foreign Currency Accounts
    On 11th April 2019, The Reserve Bank of India sanctioned reinsurance brokers to initiate non-interest bearing foreign currency accounts with banks for undertaking transactions. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDA) had issued notification and following this the RBI declared Foreign Exchange Management (Foreign Currency Accounts by a resident person in India) Regulations, 2015 – Opening of Foreign Currency Accounts by Re-insurance and Composite Insurance brokers. Foreign currency account refers to a bank account operated in currency other than the currency of India or Bhutan or Nepal.

  4. In which sector, an MoU has been signed between Tata Trusts and Microsoft India to rejuvenate?
    1) Handloom Clusters
    2) Agriculture & Allied Sector
    3) Manufacturing Sector
    4) Forestry & Fishing Sector
    5)None of these
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer – 1) Handloom Clusters
    A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed by Tata Trusts and Microsoft India for jointly rejuvenating the handloom clusters in the eastern and north-eastern parts of India in order to build a digitally-inclusive society. Microsoft will also enable digital training through a Microsoft Azure-based Learning Management System termed as ‘Project Sangam’, which provides necessary training and tools to weaving communities for them to adopt and deploy digital tools for the betterment of their craftwork.

  5. Name the initiative launched by Microsoft to preserve traditional weaving forms in India.
    1) Weavedraft
    2) WeaveIt
    3) ReWeave
    4) Antaran
    5) None of these
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer – 3) ReWeave
    Microsoft’s Project ‘ReWeave’ will help to preserve traditional weaving forms by upskilling workers, designing and marketing products, and creating sustainable livelihood options. Tata Trusts’ initiative, Antaran’s main objective is to rejuvenate ailing handloom clusters through an end-to-end programme that would help artisans to become designers and entrepreneurs.

  6. Who was conferred with 2019 Citi Journalistic Excellence Award for the long story titled ‘How Johnson & Johnson is scooting from the hip’?
    1) Vikram Seth
    2) Teena Thacker
    3) Salman Rushdie
    4) Chetan Bhagat
    5) None of these
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer – 2) Teena Thacker
    Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism has selected Mint’s Teena Thacker as the winner of the 2019 Citi Journalistic Excellence Awards.She has been conferred with this award for her long story titled ‘How Johnson & Johnson is scooting from the hip’ in Mint. In the article, she has scanned the battle for compensation by Indian patients in detail.She is the deputy editor at Mint. She has been covering pharmaceuticals and health as part of Mint’s corporate bureau.

  7. Name the first Indian, who was appointed as Chair of International Hockey Federation (FIH) Health and Safety Committee.
    1) V.K.Malhotra
    2) Neelam kapoor
    3) P.R. Sreejesh
    4) Dr BK Nayak
    5) None of these
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer – 4) Dr BK Nayak
    Col (Dr) Bibhu Kalyan Nayak, a native of the temple City, became the first Indian to be appointed Chair of International Hockey Federation (FIH) Health and Safety Committee by the world governing body. He will serve a two-year cycle lasting until 2020. Dr. Nayak first Indian to have been nominated by FIH as the Medical Officer for a World Cup.From National Institute of Sports Medicine at Havana, Cuba & National Sports Centre at Madrid, Spain, he has tutored in Sports Traumatology and Sports & Exercise Physiology.He had worked as the Medical Officer for the 2018 Men’s World Cup and chief team physician of Indian Contingent in Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.

  8. Mohammed Ishtayeh was sworn in as the Prime Minister of which country?
    1) Palestine
    2) Israel
    3) Russia
    4) Venezuela
    5) None of these
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer – 1) Palestine
    On 14th April 2019, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas accepted the oath of office from the new 24-member cabinet headed by Prime Minister Mohammed Ishtayeh.Mohammed Ishtayeh is a veteran peace negotiator and harsh critic of Gaza’s Hamas rulers.This move will deepen the rift between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, the Islamic militant group that governs the Gaza Strip.The new 24 member cabinet replaces a technocratic government, which was formed by Rami Hamdallah in 2014.

  9. Name the World’s largest airplane, that made its first test flight in California.
    1) Spruce Goose
    2) Roc
    3) Tupolev Tu-160
    4) Antonov An-124
    5) None of these
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer – 2) Roc
    On 14th April 2019, the world’s largest airplane a Stratolaunch’s behemoth named “Roc” has made its first test flight in California, over the Mojave Desert .It has two fuselages and six Boeing 747 engines and is designed to carry into space, and drop a rocket that would in turn ignite to deploy satellites.An engineering company named ‘Scaled Composites’ built this airplane for Stratolaunch Systems and was financed by Late Paul Allen who was the co-founder of Microsoft.

  10. Find the mobile app, which was launched by Bharti Airtel in collaboration with FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO) to assist for women safety ?
    1) Shout
    2) Help
    3) My Circle
    4) Reach
    5) None of these
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer – 3) My Circle
    On 14th April, 2019, Bharti Airtel has launched a mobile app, “My Circle” in collaboration with FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO) to assist women in case they face any panic situation or problem. The application will allow women to send SOS alerts to any five of their family or friends in 13 languages by pressing the SOS prompt on the app.The app has been developed by Airtel X labs and was conceptualised by an all-women cross-functional team.

  11. Where was Boxing World Cup 2019 held recently?
    1) Manila, Philippines
    2) New York, US
    3) Washington DC, US
    4) Cologne, Germany
    5) None of these
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer – 4) Cologne, Germany
    Boxing World Cup 2019 held in Cologne, Germany. Indian pugilists finished with a total of 5 medals.

  12. Meena Kumari Maisnam belongs to which sport?
    1) Boxing
    2) Badminton
    3) Tennis
    4) Cricket
    5) None of these
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer – 1) Boxing
    Meena Kumari Maisnam has clinched gold medal under 54 kg.18- year old Sakshi Choudhary come up with silver medal under 57 kg category .Pwilao Basumatary, India Open gold medallist came up with silver medal under 64 kg category after getting short against China’s Chengyu Yang, who was declared the winner on points.Pinki Rani and Parveen clinched Bronze medals Pinki Rani settled for bronze medal under 51 kg category after getting defeated the hands of Ireland’s 2018 Commonwealth Games silver medallist Carly McNaul. Praveen clinched Bronze medal under 60 kg category after getting defeated by English pugilist Paige Murney.

  13. Who won the Chinese Grand Prix 2019 which is Formula One’s 1000th race?
    1) Charles Leclerc
    2) Lewis Hamilton
    3) Valtteri Bottas
    4) Sebastian Vettel
    5) None of these
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer – 2) Lewis Hamilton
    British racing driver, Lewis Hamilton has achieved his 75th career victory in Formula One’s 1000th race at the Chinese Grand Prix on 14th April, 2019. He has delivered a crushing performance to win this title. His Mercedes came up with a 1-2 finish.Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes has achieved Chinese Grand Prix by defeating Valtteri Bottas, his teammate and pole sitter with a quic start from his No. 2 spot on the grid.

  14. Paul Barbieri, popularly known as “Ian Cognito”, passed away recently.He is ___________?
    1) Comedian
    2) Actor
    3) Politician
    4) Producer
    5) None of these
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer – 1) Comedian
    British comedian, Paul Barbieri, who is popularly known by his stage name Ian Cognito, died on stage while performing a stand-up set in Bicester, England.The comedian who was in his early 60’s, fell ill during a performance at the Atic Bar in a small English town north of Oxford.

  15. Indian Army celebrates the Year 2019 as ________________________?
    1) Year of Revolution
    2) Year of Rebellion
    3) Year of Next of Kin
    4) Year of Martyrs
    5) None of these
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer – 3) Year of Next of Kin
    On 13th April 2019, Rajouri Day was observed by Indian Army to pay homage to the martyrs who laid down their lives for the liberation of Rajouri district, Jammu and Kashmir.More than 20,000 men, women, and children were massacred till April 13, 1948.On 12 April 1948, Rajouri was recaptured from rebels and Pakistan Army personnel who had infiltrated from across the border.The Year 2019 is being celebrated as the ‘Year of Next of Kin’ to help families of martyrs.

  16. When did Department of Railways observed 64th Railway Week?
    1) 11th 17th April
    2) 8th to 14th April
    3) 9th to 15th April
    4) 10th to 16th April
    5) None of these
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer – 4) 10th to 16th April
    Every year from 10th to 16th of April, Railway Week is celebrated all over Zonal Railways/PUs along with Railway Week National Award Function. On 12th April, 2019, the 64th Railway Week Function of Railway Board was organized at Rail Bhawan in New Delhi. The chairman of Railway Board, V K Yadav presented Running Efficiency Shield, awards and merit certificates to officials of Railway Board for their exemplary performances for 2018-19.The Running Efficiency Shield was presented to Stationery and O&M Branches (joint winners) which were selected as “Best Maintained Branch” of the Railway Board, for maintaining high level of efficiency, excellent keeping-up of records. The Merit Certificates and Cash Awards were presented to 2 well-maintained sections namely Project and ERB-V Branches of the Railway Board.V K Yadav awarded Merit Certificates and Cash Prizes to 45 officials of Railway Board.

  17. _________ Edition of Ambedkar Jayanti or Bhim Jayanti observed on 14th April,2019?
    1) 120
    2) 128
    3) 125
    4) 122
    5) None of these
    Answer & Explanation
    Answer – 2) 128
    President Ram Nath Kovind and Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 14th April, paid homage to Dalit social reformer and father of the Indian Constitution Dr. BR Ambedkar on his 128th birth anniversary, also known as Ambedkar Jayanti or Bhim Jayanti. “Homage to Dr B.R. Ambedkar on his birth anniversary. An icon of our nation, and Chief Architect of the Constitution, Dr Ambedkar waged a life-long struggle for a modern India free of caste and other prejudices, ensuring equal rights for women and weaker section. Dr Ambedkar, commonly known as Babasaheb, dedicated his life to working for the upliftment of untouchables, women, and labourers. Born into a poor Dalit family on 14 April 1891, Ambedkar became independent India’s first law minister, the principal architect of the Constitution of India and a founding father of the Republic of India.

Static GK Quiz based on Current Affairs:

  1. Mojave Desert is in which country?
    Answer & Explanation

  2. What is the Capital and Currency of United Arab Emirates (UAE)?
    Answer & Explanation
    Capital: Abu Dhabi & Currency: Dirham

  3. Where is the headquarter of Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India located?
    Answer & Explanation

  4. Who is the President of International Hockey Federation (FIH)?
    Answer & Explanation
    Narinder Batra

  5. Dachigam National Park is located in which state?
    Answer & Explanation
    Jammu and Kashmir

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