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Blood Relationship Made Simple

Hello Friends.. Blood Relationship is all about people in different generations and their links.. It needs complete analysis of information and one should be clear about the relationship mentioned in the question.

Problems in Blood Relationship can be solved very easily using Tree Diagram. But before going to the problems it is very important to know something about Relationships. Where most people commit mistakes is the part involving Uncle/Nephew/Cousin/Niece. Let me explain that first and then we ll go to Tree Diagram.

Mother’s or Father’s Brother – UNCLE (He is not coming under Father Category).

Mother’s or Father’s Sister – AUNT

Brother’s or Sister’s Son – Nephew

Brother’s or Sister’s Daughter – Niece

Uncle or Aunt’s Son or Daughter – Cousin (Common word for both Genders)

 How to Draw Tree Diagram

For Male Use “+” Symbol and for Female use “-” Symbol.

A is Father of B

Here we know A is Male and we don’t know about B.

A is Mother of B

A is the Wife of B

(Use Heart symbol when it is about couples)

A and B are Brothers and C is their Mom and D is their Dad. 

A and B are the Parents of C and D. E and F are sisters. C is their Mother. Z is husband of C.

Z is the Son-in-law of A and B. We don’t know the gender of D. The possibility for D is Uncle/Aunt of E and F. If D is Male it makes him Brother-in-law of Z and if D is Female it makes her Sister-in-law of Z.

This is the basic in solving Problems related to Blood Relationship. You need to accurate and also fast. In this area it is possible to save lots of time. Do solve more problems and understand how the TREE works. You don’t need to follow exactly the above steps. If you are comfortable in some other way follow that.

Good Luck With Your Exams Friends.

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