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SEBI 2018: Last Minute Revision Tips & Order of Attempt

SEBI 2018 prelims is just few days away. Therefore, we bring to you few last-minute revision tips and order of attempt today. This post is brought to you by Oliveboard.

1) Revise: Everything that you have learned till now for the SEBI 2018 Phase 1 Exam will be of little use, if you do not revise the topics. The more you revise, the better you would remember the topics in the Exam hall. You should make full use of the remaining 5 days and revise all the important topics from each of the 5 sections of the SEBI 2018 Grade A – Phase 1 Exam. For SEBI 2018 Revision, make mind-maps, infographics for different chapters to increase your chances of remembering all the topics and tricks of that chapter during the Exam paper.

2) Practice: To be able to ace the SEBI Phase 1 Exam, you would have to practice efficiently as well. We have repeated this point numerous times in our previous blog as well, but due to its extreme importance would repeat it again in this SEBI 2018 Revision Strategy – To practice, you must give online mock tests. This is essential for you to be well prepared for the 2 hours of actual exam time so that you can utilize each and every second of the exam time productively to increase your exam score. Solving Online Mock tests gives you the much-needed practice to do this.

3) Strategize: Order of Attempt: In Phase 1 of SEBI Grade A Officer Exam, there will be 5 tests of 40 questions each which will have to be solved in 2 hours (120 mins). Also, as per the notification, candidates would have to secure at least 40% marks in each test of the Phase 1 Exam. Therefore, strategizing the Order of Attempt becomes a very important part of the SEBI 2018 Revision Strategy. Your first target should be to secure 40% – 16 marks in each section/test. Pick the easiest section – English or General Awareness first, followed by Security Awareness. Attempt 20 to 22 question in each of these sections in the first round. Then solve Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning sections. Please note, the Phase 1 exam is of qualifying nature only, I.e. marks scored here would not be calculated in final Exam score. So, Focus should be to meet the qualifying criteria – min 40% in all sections first and then the overall cut-off.

4) Stay Healthy: Don’t be surprised by seeing this point in the SEBI 2018 Revision strategy. It is a very basic point and sometimes basic points are the most important ones. Staying healthy is one such point. If you are not 100% fit on the exam day, all your preparation would bear no fruit. Therefore, in the next 5 days, you should take utmost care of your health and diet. Eat healthy food, avoid junk food, do meditation, yoga or any other exercise for 20-30 mins every day.

We hope you found the tips and advice provided above helpful and you would follow them in the coming days before the SEBI 2018 Phase 1 Exam. All the best.

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