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As we know, Current Affairs plays a vital role in all competitive exams but it is underappreciated among aspirants. We are giving our best to provide complete current affairs content in all topics, which will help our aspirants to stay updated and clear the General Awareness section in all competitive exams like – Banking, SSC, Railways, Insurance, UPSC, CLAT, State Level Exams and other National level exams.

Our efficient team works constantly to present you the best Current Affairs PDF. So we have started this subscription to elevate ourselves to lead!

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We provide 100% verified Best Current Affairs PDF in Education Industry. Our content of current affairs has been followed by many leading Educational Websites, Coaching Institutes & You-tubers.

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2020 CA Plan Features

  • 90 CA notes PDF Per Month (Same Content in Different Format)
  • Suitable for Banking, SSC, Railways, Insurance, CLAT, CAT, PSC, UPSC Examinations
  • PDF in English & Hindi
  • The 2020 Plan includes Date-Wise PDF (Content & Q&A), Weekly PDF, Monthly PDF –Study, Q&A(Q500+), Pocket PDF, Hindi PDF, Topic-Wise PDF & Current Banking Awareness PDF.
  • 100% Genuine Testimonials
  • Ebooks in PDF Format
  • PDF Support Printout & Highlight
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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

What is in Current Affairs 2020 plan?

Current Affairs 2020 plan offers Date-Wise PDF ,Weekly PDF and Monthly PDF.
Complete details of all PDF types are as follows:-
1.Date-Wise PDF (Content & Q&A) : CA content with Q&A on date-wise will be updated every day to paid subscriber’s drive. Daily PDF is ideally suited for those aspirants in the initial stages of preparation who want a good grasp and solid foundation of Daily CA – Content Sample PDF and Q&A Sample PDF
2.Weekly PDF : Weekly content will be sent as short news at the end of each week. Some aspirants may not find enough time to completely utilize the Daily PDF. The weekly PDF is intended to cater to such aspirants. The compilation of the previous week’s important Current affairs in one PDF makes it easy and efficient for the aspirant to stay updated on a tight schedule– Sample PDF
3.Monthly PDF :-
• Study PDF – Each month’s all current affairs on our website are compiled and sorted in topic wise will be sent in detailed content to our paid subscribers every month. The monthly PDF serves the main purpose of current affairs revision for the previous month. – Sample PDF
• Monthly Q&A(Q500+) PDF– Each month’s entire current affairs and static Q&A packages are compiled and sorted topic wise to ensure easy accessibility of the information.– Sample PDF
• Pocket PDF – Each month’s entire current affairs will be efficiently compiled in short and tabular format topic wise every month. The pocket PDF is very useful as a ready reckoner saving valuable time for the aspirants and help them in revising– Sample PDF
• Hindi PDF – Each month’s Hindi Current Affairs will be sent as short every month.– Sample PDF
• Hindi Q&A PDF – Each month’s Hindi Current Affairs Q&A will be sent every month.– Sample PDF
• Topic-wise PDF– Single PDF which contains the all twelve month’s current affairs in short and tabular format. Each month we update the current affairs of the current month with the previous month by topic wise, which will be updated throughout the calendar year– Sample Appointment PDF & Sample Index PDF
• Current Banking Awareness PDF – It focuses on  each month’s Banking, Finance & Economy related current affairs content with Q&A. Suitable for those exam aspirants where Banking and economics related CA is a major part of the syllabus – Sample PDF
4.Exam PDF :- ( It will be released on our website 10 days before the exam date) The exam PDF is the best option for aspirants for their last minute revision. The Exam PDF is specifically prepared by our team keeping in mind the Exam tension hence offering the most value in the least words. – Sample PDF

What are the topics in Topic-Wise Current Affairs PDF ?

1.National Affairs – Information in Content
-Cabinet Approvals
-Parliament News
-State wise National News
-launches & Inauguration
-Other National News
2.Govt Scheme – Information in Content
3.International Affairs – Information in Content
4.Visits – Information in Content
-India visit
-Foreign visit
5.Banking & Finance– All Information in content (if any apps introduced, mentioned in table form)
-RBI in News – Information in Content
-Banking technology(App) – Information in Table (App Name, Launched by, Key Notes)
-Loans Issued by Banks – Information in Table (Loans issued by, Received by, Amount, Key Notes)
-Agreements & MoU’s Signed – Information in Table (Banks, Signed with, Key Notes)
-Other Banking News – Information in Content
6.Economy & Business
-GDP & Growth Rate – Information in Table (Org – Year – Rate)
-Economy news – Information in Content
-Business News – Information in Content
7.MoUs & Agreements
-MOU’s b/w Country – Information in Table (Countries,MoU with , Field /purpose)
-MOU’s with States – Information in Table (state, MoU with, Field/purpose)
-MoUs b/w Org – Information in Table (Organisation,MoU with, Field/Purpose)
-Other MOU’s – Information in Content
8.Appointments and Resignations– Information in Table (National & International)
Appointments – National & international wise in table (Person Name,Appointed as,Entity/Place,Key Notes)
Resignations – National & international wise in tabular column( Person Name,Resigned as,Entity/Place)
9.Brand & Campaign Ambassadors – Information in Table – (Person Name , Brand/Campaign , Key Notes)
10.Awards -Information in Table – (field wise)-(Award Name, Award Winner, Field, Key Notes )
– Recognition -Information in Table – ( Name ,Recognition )
11.Summits, Events & Conference – Information in Table (Name of Summit/Events/Conferences- Venue – KeyNotes)
12. Committee & meeting– Information in Table
-committee News – Information in Table (Committee Name / Committee Head / Key Notes )
-meeting News – Information in Table (Meeting Name , Venue , Key Notes )
13.Index & Ranking – Information in Table
-ranking – Table (index/survey name , Released by/Conducted by , Key notes)
-reports – Table (Report Name/Submitted by / Key Notes)
14.Acquisition & Mergers– Information in Table
15.Defence – Information in Content & Table
-Exercise – Table (Exercise Name – Venue /Participating countries – Keynotes)
-Testing – Table (Missiles Name – Testing Location – Features)
-deals & MoU’s – Information in content
-Army,Navy,Air force news – Information in Table
16.Science & Technology
– Satellites Launches – Table (Satellite name – Country – Purpose)
– Others science news – Information of national/international in content
18.Sports News – Information in Content & Table (field wise)
-Badminton & Tennis
-Athletic & Football
-Boxing, Wrestling & Weightlifting
-Archery & Shooting
-Other Sports News
19.Books & Author– Information in Content & Table (Book name/Author/Key Notes)
20.Obituary – Information of National & International in Content & Table – (Person Name/Field/ Born Place/Key Notes)
21.Important Days – Information in Table (Observed Date/Week, Days, Key Notes)
22.APP & Web Portal– Information in Table (App & Web name – Launched by – Purpose)
23.AC Gaze

Which type of PDF should I refer for exam?

We offer different types of PDFs depending on our aspirant’s approach and requirement. We always recommend date-wise current affairs content and Q&A PDF for upto date current affairs knowledge. And for revision we recommend our Exam PDF & Topic wise PDF. Check out all kind of PDF and choose the right kind for your preparation.

Why purchase Paid PDF over Free content?                                                     

Our team attempts to bring you well-structured and well organized content in our paid PDF plan. We prepare in the best possible way by organizing and scheduling the contents topic wise, providing suitable info in tabular format. We also offer Exam PDF in this package which is designed keeping in mind the exam tension of the aspirant. We assure you that the money you pay for this plan will justify aspirant’s conviction, approach and requirements.

How do I download the PDF?

Once the payment has been successful, you will receive a Payment Confirmation Mail from us with PDF download link which contains all past month files and Order ID. So kindly enter the correct email ID & Mobile No. If you did not receive the mail, please contact us at– [email protected] with your Order ID.  You’ll receive updated PDF to your mail id on 5th of every month. Kindly Check Spam as well.

Explain plan, Payment & validity type of CA 2020 Plan 

Plan type: Year wise Current Affairs plan (such as) CA 2020, CA 2019.
Validity: One year and it only applies to the year(Ex- CA 2020 (January 2020 to December  2020) which you buy.                                   
Payment: It’s a onetime payment for the entire calendar year, no need to pay each and every month. The Files provided have lifetime validity.

Refund Policy?

Non Refundable. In Case of Double Payment, any extra amount above the bill will be refunded.

Which is the best source for current affairs?

AffairsCloud is one of the best content providers in the Education Industry. We pride ourselves on offering high quality and thoroughly verified content. Our content of current affairs has been followed by many leading Educational Sites & YouTubers.

Why do we offer as a paid pdf?  

Our team has been working tirelessly to provide you valuable content, so we need support to motivate our team and execute further projects. Hence we are offering as paid PDFs.

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